EC KSA & ME Announces Important Steps for Next Stage | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

EC comprising of Mr Zaid B Hashamt (Chief EC), Mr Hamid Sana (Member EC), Mr Ahmad Jawad (Member EC) in consultation with DSOIC Mr Shahid Hussain announces following:-


Chapter Potential
EC & OIC appreciates the efforts made by chapter of KSA to increase paid membership but advised OIC to continue with membership in KSA. However, once the chapter reaches its potential, EC election schedule will be announced ASAP. Elections will be held in all three regions which are Eastern, Western and Central as per demarcation of OIC.



Following announcement are made to take elections at next stage.

Elected Body Benchmark Criteria
Only those cities will be allowed to have full panel Elected Body who reaches minimum of 250 paid membership benchmark. A city where benchmark of 250 can???t be reached will vote for Membership Coordinator (MC). Similarly, if there is more than one city who reaches 250 in a region, then there will be elections of Regional President and General Secretary which will contested at stage 2 and will be elected by EBs and MCs of that region after the completion of first stage which are cities.

Cut off date for nominations of MC / Panel
Any member or panel who wish to register as MC or Panel needs to info OIC latest by 10 April 15. After expiry, no one will be allowed to register as MC or Panel. OIC has already informed about minimum criteria for MC / Panel i.e. 20 paid members.



Objectives of Overseas

PTI is the only party of federation which represent all segments and enjoys most popular support overseas. It is our responsibility to support and promote party???s objectives which are directed to make modern welfare Islamic state.


Minimum Common Agenda / Manifesto from all stakeholders
After elections, the winners don???t give representation to losing panel as experienced in some of other chapters. To overcome this issue, OIC and EC have proposed for all (in case of more than one) panels wherever applicable to have consensus of some common agenda. These are just proposed few points and are not limited to. Please forward minimum common agenda after consultation of all stakeholders based on local issues / ground reality and keeping in mind the party???s main objective outlined above.

  1. Leading panel has to make sure that equal / fair representation for all stakeholders has been provided on decision making and major events / appointments.
  2. Work in harmony for party???s promotion and progress specially paid membership / fund raisers.
  3. Discourage conflicts and show maturity to solve all issue amicably without bringing any disrepute to mother party.


Please forward any queries related to elections on [email protected] Only Election related email / queries will be responded.