Daily News Headlines - 7th January 2024 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


7th January 2024 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

Chairman Imran Khan demands a transparent investigation of May 9th once again.

Today, 156 days have passed since the illegal imprisonment of founder chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and former prime minister Imran Khan.

Consistently, Imran Khan has been calling for an impartial inquiry into the events of May 9. This sentiment was reiterated in a tweet issued by Imran Khan last night. "On May 9th, a False Flag Operation was allegedly orchestrated to undermine Pakistan's democracy. Even though the party in question has a clean record of 26 years without endorsing violence, it is consistently accused without proper investigation. It is imperative to halt this ongoing blame game, and we strongly advocate for an impartial investigation conducted by the judiciary to bring clarity to this situation.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf conducts virtual fundraising event.

A mega event was held on all the official PTI social media platforms launching the portals to collect funds for the election 2024 campaigns which turned out to be a great success and thousands from across the globe joined to watch and listen to the virtual event on different social media platforms.

International journal "The Economist" repeatedly posts Imran Khan’s guest essay.

The most popular news on social media for the past two days is the article by Chairman Imran Khan in "The Economist" from Adiala Jail. On which the unconstitutional caretaker information minister tried to threaten The Economist. In response, the Economist journal is posting Imran Khan's article intermittently. The total views of The Economist's posts have exceeded 10 million, which is unprecedented for any article.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has established two portals for Election 2024.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has established two separate portals for Pakistanis living abroad and citizens living in Pakistan. All the information related to the election will be provided on both the portals.  PakistanBadlo.com for citizens living in Pakistan and PakistanBadlo.ptioverseas.com for overseas Pakistanis have been established.

A bail hearing for cases involving Imran Khan in NAB cases is scheduled for tomorrow.

Chairman Imran Khan is currently being illegally imprisoned in Adiala Jail in NAB cases. Hearing in the Tosha Khana NAB case and Al Qadir NAB case was held yesterday and was adjourned till Monday. Lawyers hope that Imran Khan will get bail in these cases and will be released soon.

Petition filed in Supreme Court for early hearing of "bat" symbol case.

Chairman Imran Khan's lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjutha, tweeted. "We have submitted an additional petition to the Supreme Court challenging the Peshawar Court's decision and urging an expedited hearing. In the petition, the Supreme Court is requested to consider the case on Monday, given the limited time available. A prompt decision regarding the election symbol is crucial".

The Election Commission's decision to remove Imran Khan from the party chairmanship is challenged in the Supreme Court.

According to the lawyers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, “We have contested the Islamabad High Court's decision in the Supreme Court, seeking the nullification of the judgment made on December 6, 2023. If the ruling is not annulled, we are urging the Supreme Court to direct the case's transfer to the Lahore High Court. The challenge pertains to the Election Commission's decision to strip him of assembly membership and party chairmanship. While the case was under consideration in the Lahore High Court, an application was simultaneously submitted to the Islamabad High Court. The petitioner requested the Islamabad High Court to withdraw the application, but the court declined the request. It was asserted that no court can insist on the non-return of the case. Additionally, the Election Commission and the Speaker of the National Assembly have been included as parties in the petition.

Hearing on Imran Khan's appeal against RO's decision.

A court hearing took place in the Lahore High Court, presided over by Justice Abdul Aziz Sheikh, regarding the rejection of Imran Khan's nomination papers. Barrister Ali Zafar contended, "The Returning Officer (RO) does not have the authority to disqualify anyone. Imran Khan's punishment, not being for a moral crime, does not warrant disqualification. Only the court can make a decision on disqualification, especially when the sentence has been suspended."

Failure to display the "bat" symbol during the elections could result in significant business losses.

Talking to Arab News, the flag merchants expressed serious concern over the absence of the "bat" as an electoral symbol in the elections and said, "God forbid, if "bat" is not allotted to PTI, we will suffer a great loss." The flag of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the most purchased flag, along with the national flag.

Amjad Khan Niazi falls seriously ill during detention.

A close associate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf central leader and founding chairman Imran Khan, Amjad Khan Niazi, who surrendered in front of the court, was in very good health. Following his police remand, reports persisted that he faced intense state repression. Presently, he is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The prayers of senior citizens for Imran Khan.

Talking to a local reporter, an elderly citizen said, "I had an operation worth 100 thousand on Imran Khan's health card. I finished the Holy Quran 6 times for Khan Sahab". The prayers of the elders of this country are with Imran Khan.

The price of chicken meat and eggs has skyrocketed.

The cost of broiler chicken meat and eggs has surged significantly as hoarders and profiteers have disregarded official price lists and imposed arbitrary prices. In several cities, including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Lahore, the per-kilogram price of broiler chicken meat has exceeded 600 rupees. Meanwhile, live broilers are being traded at Rs 400 per kilogram in wholesale markets and Rs 415 per kilogram at retail. Additionally, the price of a dozen eggs has climbed to 386 rupees.

Fear of Tehreek-e-Insaf's virtual event, the internet was slowed down in Pakistan once again.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf announced the event of virtual fundraising, in which the caretaker government has once again slowed down the social media apps due to the fear of participation of a huge number of people. Despite these fascist tactics, the people are standing with Imran Khan and Tehreek-e-Insaf.