Daily News Headlines - 5th January 2024 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


5th January 2024 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

The case against Imran Khan's disqualification which will allow him contest the election is being delayed despite repeated requests to the Supreme Court.

Today, 154 days have passed since the illegal imprisonment of founder chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and former prime minister Imran Khan. Imran Khan has approached the Supreme Court several times for permission to contest the elections. But the application is not being fixed. According to the lawyers, "The application filed for the eligibility of Imran Khan could not be scheduled for hearing despite the requests to fix it several times. Even today, the request to schedule the hearing of the case as soon as possible has been filed in the Supreme Court. Hope the hearing will be held soon".

Election Commission, NAB and Nawaz Sharif's collusion against Imran Khan exposed again.

Chairman Imran Khan's lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjutha, tweeted, "Amjad Parvez is the lawyer who was presenting Nawaz Sharif's cases. You must have seen him going to London. He continued to appear in the Tosha Khana case as counsel for the Election Commission. And now becoming NAB's lawyer, and he will argue in Imran Khan's bail pleas. It is not that a lawyer cannot appear in different cases, he can appear, but the point is, are the Election Commission, NAB and caretaker governments impartial? How are they all working together against Imran Khan."

Imran Khan's article in "The Economist" created a global impact.

Chairman Imran Khan wrote an article in the international journal "The Economist" from Adiala Jail yesterday. In which transparency of elections, fascism against Tehreek-e-Insaf, American conspiracy and economy were discussed. Imran Khan’s article has been seen, read and embraced by millions worldwide. His article was also the focal point in newspapers globally.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi's nomination papers have been approved.

The lawyers stated, "Shah Mehmood Qureshi's nomination papers have been approved. This is the real face of the ROs that has come before us that the papers were rejected without any justification so that we will stay busy in cases, and they will do on sided campaign for PDM."

Nomination papers of Tehreek e Insaf candidates are now in the process of endorsement.

The Election Tribunal has commenced the annulment of decisions made by returning officers rejecting the nomination papers of candidates of Tehreek e Insaf nationwide.

  • NA 72 Sialkot: Nomination papers of Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas, Ahsan Abbas Advocate approved.
  • PP 1 Attock: Nomination papers of PTI leader Qazi Ahmed Akbar approved.
  • NA 22, PK 58 Mardan: Nomination papers of former MPA Abdul Salam Afridi approved.
  • PK 88 Nowshera: Papers of Mian Umar Kaka Khel approved.
  • The Peshawar Election Tribunal has approved additional nomination papers.
  • NA 21 Mardan: Mujahid Ali Khan.
  • PK 54 Mardan: Adnan Khan.
  • PK 56 Mardan: Amir Farzand Khan.
  • PK 92 Kohat: Shafiullah Jan.
  • The nomination papers of Shoaib Shaheen have been approved in three constituencies of Islamabad.
  • The nomination papers of PTI leader Niazullah Niazi from the Islamabad constituency were also approved.
  • The nomination papers of Haral from Sargodha were also accepted from all the constituencies.
  • NA 58 Chakwal: Nomination papers of Ayaz Amir approved.
  • Nomination papers of Sohail Gujjar approved from PP 72.
  • The nomination papers of Naeem Haider Panjutha, Niazullah Niazi and Shahram Tarkai were also approved.

The decision to postpone the election in the Senate today was a conspiracy of BAP senators.

Today, in the Senate, a resolution was passed to postpone the election. At the time of the resolution, there were 7-8 senators present. The agenda was fulfilled however, a quorum was not present. Unexpectedly, senators from the BAP party, numbering 5-6, arrived and submitted a collusive resolution to delay the election. This move faced opposition from senators representing PTI, PMLN, and PPP, who were present.

Another letter from Sanam Javed.

Sanam Javed has been incarcerated for eight months. During this imprisonment, Sanam Javed stood firmly with Imran Khan, which she continuously expressed through her letters. She wrote in a recent letter, "Osama bin Laden had accepted the responsibility of the 9/11 attacks. Otherwise, the government could have identified some women involved in this case. However, this too shall pass.”

Returning Officers reprimanded in Election Tribunal.

 Justice Arbab Tahir expressed, "Upon reviewing the judgments of both the Supreme Court and the High Court, I was delighted to observe the competence of our Returning Officers (ROs). However, it is regrettable that even the smallest details, such as a comma or a full stop, remained unchanged. Everyone's decisions appear to be identical."

Shoaib Shaheen added, "I inquired with the rating officers present here if there were any objections. However, they remained silent, offering no comments."

Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir responded humorously, "Perhaps they received them later." Laughter echoed in the courtroom following Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir's remarks. The court invalidated nearly all decisions except those made by the returning officers.

A journalist questioned the white house representative on rigging in the Pakistani election.

"News of snatching of nomination papers, arrests and abductions". A question asked from a journalist in America.

"Those who came to submit their nomination papers were detained. There is video evidence. When even nomination papers are not allowed to be submitted, how will there be a clean and transparent election in Pakistan?" The representative of the White House could not give any adequate answer.

Increase in the cost of chicken meat.

In Lahore, the live broiler chicken has experienced a surge in price, rising by Rs. 29 per kilogram. The wholesale market now reflects a rate of Rs. 392 per kilogram, whereas the retail price has reached Rs. 407 per kilogram. Additionally, the cost of chicken meat has seen an increase of Rs. 42 per kilogram, resulting in a new price of Rs. 590 per kilogram.