Daily News Headlines - 24 September 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

24th September 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

  1. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has been serving a prison sentence deprived of basic facilities in the toughest prison of the country for the past fifty days. The hearing of decisions is being delayed, thirteen cases of Imran Khan are delayed only in the Islamabad High Court, while these courts were conducting judicial proceedings at the speed of light when they had to give a verdict against Imran Khan. Despite all these injustices, Imran Khan is standing firm for his nation, refusing any kind of compromise, and giving a message to the nation to stand firm. The legal team of Chairman Imran Khan has filed an application for bail in the cipher case in the Islamabad High Court for the past two weeks, which Chief Justice Amir Farooq is constantly delaying. We are hopeful that if Justice Amir Farooq does not adjourn the hearing again, Imran Khan will get bail.
  2. A lawyers' convention was held in Lahore yesterday, attended by prominent lawyers and analysts from all over the country. While addressing the gathering, senior lawyer Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan stated, "The case of prisoner number 804 regarding Cypher is not even legally valid. In the Constitution of Pakistan, this authority is solely vested in the Prime Minister to ensure trust of the public and ministers in matters of national security." Aitzaz Ahsan emphasized on the constitutional demands for the holding of elections within ninety days.

  3. The worst phase of tyranny is prevailing in the country; innocent children are not being spared for political motives. After May 9th, PTI worker Asad's 3-year-old son Saif Asad, like Ammar Ibad, has also fallen seriously ill due to his father's imprisonment. Innocent Saif constantly yearns for his father and is struggling with the trauma of his father's absence. The innocent children's funerals and the cries for their parents do not evoke compassion in the hearts of callous decision-makers.
  4. Another PTI leader has been arrested without any concrete allegations. This time, the target was former member of the National Assembly and PTI President Bajaur, Gul Zafar Khan, whose home was attacked, and he was taken into custody by policemen and men in plain clothes. The country is sinking into the abyss of poverty; 40% of the population is forced to live below the poverty line, while governments' fascism continues.
  5. Two leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Lahore Information Secretary Awais Younis and ticket holder Abdul Karim Khan, who were abducted few days ago, have not yet been produced in any court.
  6. On May 9, in the Radio Pakistan Peshawar building arson case, the court stated in its decision that so far neither any CCTV footage nor any eyewitness, and neither any call or WhatsApp recording has been presented. The court further wrote that Asmatullah, Sudais Khan, Sohail, Zeeshan, and Omar are all minors, and their link to such crimes seem suspicious. After May 9th, even young children were arrested and continuously kept in custody for five months.
  7. The caretaker Prime Minister's visit to America, concluded without any "major meetings". Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar did a stopover in Paris while going to New York, visited the Eiffel Tower with his family, had a meal in a Turkish restaurant, stayed in the most expensive hotel in America, and on his return, he also stayed in an expensive hotel in London. All these extravagant expenses are being done with the poor nation’s tax money, while the public is suffering from inflation, high electricity bills, and unemployment.
  8. In response to the World Bank's report on the devastation caused during the PDM government, Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Farukh Habib said, "According to the World Bank report, Nawaz Sharif's brother Shahbaz Sharif and relative Ishaq Dar, in just one year have increased the poverty by 40%. 9 crore 50 lakh Pakistanis are forced to live in poverty. The free health card given by Imran Khan to this nation has also been taken back. Flour, electricity, gas, ghee and sugar prices have all reached record new heights."
  9. Every citizen in the country misses Imran Khan's era of governance. While speaking to a local reporter, an elderly citizen said, "During Imran Khan's era, medicine used to be free. Now, even the health card has been discontinued. Imran Khan's era was good; now life has become very difficult.”