Daily News Headlines - 17th November 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


17th November 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

Imran Khan was deprived of justice in the Al Qadir Trust case, like the Tosha Khana and Cipher case.

Today, 103 days have passed since the illegal imprisonment of Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan. In these 103 days, the Al Qadir Trust case is the third illegal case against Imran Khan. In the Cipher case and Tosha Khana case, Imran Khan was continuously deprived of justice, and now the same is happening in the NAB case. The Al Qadir Trust case was heard today in Adiala Jail. Judge Muhammad Bashir brought his NAB court and appeared before Imran Khan in jail. The lawyers of Chairman Imran Khan argued, "It was NAB who was making allegations that we have recovered money from outside and this inquiry was terminated in April 2020 and today NAB is taking action only for political reasons. A false case was made against Imran Khan, in which Imran Khan does not benefit from a single penny, nor can he take it, nor did he take it. This is written in the agreement. He or Bibi is only a trustee and this money, 190 million that came from outside is in the Supreme Court account! It did not come in Imran Khan's account!" The court rejected NAB's request for physical remand and allowed the NAB team to investigate till Tuesday.

Imran Khan's conversation with the judge in jail and a message to the nation.

"If all the allegations of NAB in Al-Qadir Trust are accepted as true, then what kind of corruption case is this? An excellent modern and Islamic university was built for the public, benefiting my generation, and it is the best. It has also adorned the children of the nation with the jewel of free education in the best way. What kind of bribery is this?" Imran Khan's dialogue with the judge during the hearing in jail, and later, he asked the lawyers to convey this message to the nation.

Imran Khan's plea to speak to his son on his birthday was also turned down.

Chairman Imran Khan is subjected to a unique form of revenge characterized by evident animosity. Today, Imran Khan requested the court to allow him to speak to his son on his birthday, but the court rejected it, citing the ongoing case.

The entire nation pays tribute to Imran Khan, who is denied the joy of celebrating his son's day. Your sacrifice will always be remembered!

Imran Khan's bail plea in cipher case set for hearing in Supreme Court.

Chairman Imran Khan's bail application in the cipher case has been fixed for hearing on November 22 in the Supreme Court bench of Justice Sardar Tariq Masood, Justice Yahya Afridi and Justice Ayesha Malik. Imran Khan's lawyers have already blown up this case with strong arguments before the High Court and the Special Court. Justice is expected from the Supreme Court.

Imran Khan's decision to appear in the Supreme Court, authorities refuse to provide security and permission.

Chairman Imran Khan's lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjutha, tweeted, "Imran Khan was not provided security, a right entitled to a former prime minister, yet he consistently appeared in court with his security. Security is once again denied for today's court appearance. They only fear of Imran Khan's picture to lead. Khan Sahab has personally requested to appear in the Supreme Court. If security cannot be granted to one individual, how can it be ensured for 26 crore people?"

Hearing of cipher case in Adiala jail adjourned without action.

Despite the Islamabad High Court issuing a stay order in the cipher case, Judge Zulqarnain Abul Hasnat from the special court appeared at Adiala Jail early in the morning before Imran Khan. As a result of the trial being put on hold, the case hearing was adjourned without any proceeding until November 21.

Extension of Bushra Bibi's bail till November 21 only.

As per lawyer Naeem Haider Panjutha, "When the court was informed about the former first lady, the news aired at night stating that the NAB chairman would decide on the arrest warrant because Bibi Sahiba did not cooperate with the NAB in the investigation. In response, NAB stated, 'The media, you know, keeps running fake news by itself.' The investigating officer has affirmed in court that no arrest warrant has been issued for Bibi. Her bail has been adjourned until November 21. Regarding cooperation, the former first lady has consistently appeared in the NAB court, provided answers to all questions, and submitted the required documents. Now, tell me, how is cooperation defined?"

In the Supreme Court, Arshad Sharif's murder case was submitted for an early hearing.

An application was filed in the Supreme Court by the late Arshad Sharif's mother for an early hearing of his murder case. "The investigation is at a standstill as the matter is pending in the Supreme Court. The way things are going, there is disappointment in the family. The case was last heard in the Supreme Court on June 13. The case should be fixed in the week starting from November 27."

Bail granted to 7 more workers illegally imprisoned in May 9 incidents. Sanam Javed was deprived of celebrating her daughter's birthday.

Lawyer leader Advocate Salman Shahid tweeted, "Alhamdulillah, the Anti-Terrorism Court has granted bail to 7 of our workers today. While Sanam Javed has been arraigned today in case 410/23, we have filed bail. Which will be heard on Monday. Today was the birthday of Sanam's daughter, but the whole family looked helpless. Salute to the courage of the mother and daughter.

Contempt of courts, and abuse of justice continues. Khadija Shah named in MPO-3 and Peshawar case.

Khadija Shah was also granted bail yesterday in the last fake case related to the May 9 incidents. But DC Lahore had issued an order to detain her for 30 days under MPO-3. Today, Khadija Shah has been named in the case by the Peshawar Police. How can the same person be in two different places on the same day? The constitution, law and justice have been completely suppressed in the country. And the courts remained silent spectators.

Free treatment for the public on the health card issued by Imran Khan has now stopped.

Under the government policy, patients utilizing the health card are now required to cover 40% of the free treatment cost. A recent notification by State Life has instructed all private hospitals to collect this portion directly from the patient. The implementation of the 40% treatment cost recovery on the health card began on November 15.

Price of Chicken, meat and eggs rises again.

In Lahore, the retail cost of live broiler chicken has risen by Rs 7, reaching Rs 341 per kg. The price of chicken meat has surged by Rs 10 per kg, now standing at Rs 494 per kg. Additionally, the price of eggs has gone up by one rupee, reaching Rs 331 per dozen.

Gas and electricity prices will be increased again in January.

The federal caretaker government, acting unconstitutionally, has opted to raise gas and electricity prices once more following the agreement with the IMF. The new adjustments are set to take effect in January 2024.