Daily News Headlines - 13th November 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


13th November 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

Decision to arrest Imran Khan in NAB cases due to fear of getting bail in a cipher case.

Imran Khan, Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister has been unlawfully detained for ninety-nine days. Initially arrested on dubious grounds related to the Tosha Khana case, he was later secretly detained in a cipher case. Despite his lawyers exposing the weakness of the cipher case, authorities are now attempting to arrest him on NAB-related charges to prevent him from securing bail. His bail applications are in progress at the Islamabad High Court, but preemptive arrests seem aimed at keeping Imran Khan in jail for a long time to win the elections for their beloved criminal, Nawaz Sharif. The courts, the constitution, and the law are being trampled.

A unique case in history to take place in jail, for insulting the Election Commission.

Criticizing the poor performance and bias of the Election Commission has now become a crime in the country. After the cipher, the contempt of election commission case against Chairman Imran Khan is likely to be heard in Adiala Jail. The Election Commission postponed the hearing of the case against Imran Khan till December 6. The Ministry of Interior will take the opinion of the Ministry of Law and inform about holding the hearing in Adiala Jail.

In the cipher case, the government acting as plaintiff, lawyer, and judge.

Chairman Imran Khan's lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjutha,  tweeted, "An appeal has been filed in the Islamabad High Court against the in-camera jail trial in the cipher case, which was heard on Tuesday. Two days before this hearing, the supervisory federal cabinet approved the jail trial of the cipher case citing security concerns. There was malice in it because, on the last date, the court had given clear instruction to the Attorney General that the trial could not be conducted as per the above procedure. Now, because they are afraid only of Imran Khan's picture, they immediately approved that if they go to court now, there is an excuse! But the court has been told that earlier they used to say that surely you have been attacked in Wazirabad. Your life is in danger, but still, you have to come forward and for this reason, a 26-hour Zaman Park operation was conducted. But look at their excuses today!”

Imran Khan's wife is being targeted to pressurize him.

Today, Chairman Imran Khan's wife, Bushra Begum, appeared at NAB in connection with the Al Qadir Trust case. NAB does not have any concrete evidence against Bushra Bibi, it can be inferred from the questions asked. How did NAB come up with the idea of her educational qualification, Al-Qadir Trust, to harass a non-political woman? Like asking baseless and unnecessary questions. The opponents of Imran Khan have fallen so much into enmity that they are not leaving even the women of the house.

The formation of an incapacitated government would adversely impact both the state and democracy.

Chairman Imran Khan's lawyer, Shoaib Shaheen, conveyed the message of Imran Khan, "Mr. Khan said that I want to appear in the court in a personal capacity. If a super pampered criminal Nawaz is imposed by force, then the state will suffer. If someone tries to create a lame government, it will harm our state and democracy".

In the bail case of Dr. Yasmin Rashid, the court asked the lawyers for final arguments.

The anti-terrorism court in Lahore heard the bail application of Dr Yasmin Rashid in the Askari Tower burning case. The court summoned the lawyers for final arguments. The court adjourned the hearing till November 16. Judge Arshad Javed of the Anti-Terrorism Court held a hearing on the post-bail arrest.

Hearing on the bail application of Khadija Shah and other accused in a fake case.

A bail hearing took place at the Lahore Anti-Terrorism Court for five individuals, including Khadija Shah, in the Rahat Bakery arson case. The court called upon lawyers for arguments. The hearing was postponed until November 15. Judge Arshad Javed presided over the post-bail arrest hearing. Despite the court granting bail to Khadija Shah, she was re-arrested by the police, raising concerns about disrespect for the court's decision.

BBC leaked Pakistan's contract to sell arms to Ukraine in August 2022.

Another reason for overthrowing Imran Khan's government came to light which confirms Imran Khan's statement. According to a recent BBC report, PDM sold arms to Ukraine in August 2022 after the ousting Imran Khan from government through a conspiracy. On one hand, fake cases like cipher are being conducted against Imran Khan, while on the other hand, no action is taken despite the open violations by PDM.

PPP's failed Jalsa in Tharparkar despite government resources.

At the People's Party gathering in Tharparkar, the chairs were empty as very few people showed up. Despite the media's reluctance to report on the unsuccessful event, the reality remains unchanged. The PPP seems to have lost its support in Sindh and is now more like a party confined to drawing rooms, as evident by the lackluster turnout at the failed Jalsa.

Asad Qaiser, a victim of fascism for refusing to be part of Pervez Khattak's party.

Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Asad Qaiser, was produced in the District and Sessions Court Islamabad. The court referred Asad Qaiser to the KPK authorities on transit remand. Judicial Magistrate Qudratullah presided over the hearing. The officials of the Anti-Corruption Department of KP argued that "Asad Qaiser is wanted in the case registered in the Anti-Corruption Department Swabi. Corridor remand is required to transfer Asad Qaiser to Swabi".

The court approved the transit remand of Asad Qaiser and ordered him to appear before the relevant court in one day.

Dollar once again spiraling out of control.

Despite bold promises to decrease the value of the dollar by mid-October and reports of raids on currency dealers, the reality is otherwise. The dollar continues to rise daily, reaching an official rate of 287 rupees 55 paise today. In contrast, when Imran Khan's government ended, even amid uncertainties, the dollar was at 178 rupees.

Plans to introduce another shock.

Get ready for another increase in electricity prices that might hit consumers nationwide. The upcoming quarterly adjustment is expected to raise electricity rates by Rs 1.70 per unit. NEPRA will review the adjustment request for July to September 2023 tomorrow. This means electricity prices are likely to go up by Rs 1.70 per unit as part of the quarterly adjustment. NEPRA officials mentioned that this adjustment will apply to all electricity consumers under a uniform tariff.