Daily News Headlines - 11th November 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


11th November 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

Imran Khan has spent 98 days in jail.

Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan is making a sacrifice that will be remembered for centuries for struggling to bring true freedom to the nation. Nothing has been proven against Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana case, nor has anything come out in the cipher case yet, nor will it come forward because Imran Khan is the only leader in the 75-year history of Pakistan who neither dealt with corruption nor became an instrument of any international power, and this quality has become his crime. Despite all the troubles and tortures, Imran Khan is not bowing down even in the toughest prison, nor is he running away by making a deal.

Imran Khan's wife is likely to be targeted to break him.

Imran Khan has become a great example of determination and persistence in prison, so now his weak enemy is reaching the lowest level of degradation to break him. A plan to target Bushra Begum has come out through NAB. Bushra Bibi's status has changed for the third time in the £190 million scandal investigation. It started as a witness, then she was an accused, then the status was cancelled in the notices, and now she was written as an accused again. NAB is now an accountability court. NAB can now withdraw the statement that there is no need for arrest in the accountability court.

Nawaz Sharif is pardoned for major crimes, and while Imran Khan's minor cases are going on for months.

The case of contempt of a female judge’s orders against Chairman Imran Khan persists despite an apology. Today's scheduled hearing was adjourned to November 28 due to the lawyer's absence. The unfolding double standard of justice is becoming increasingly evident, with courts on the one hand, reinstating protocols, bail, and properties for criminals, on the other hand, a seemingly minor case remains unresolved.

Media propaganda against Imran Khan exposed.

The opposition, PDM, hasn't found anything against Imran Khan, so they're trying to damage his reputation with false claims. There's a misleading campaign against Farah Shahzadi, Bushra Bibi, and Imran Khan. Brigadier Mussadiq Abbassi, a former federal adviser on accountability, stated in a video that the recent media report has no value. He mentioned that, in a civilized country, these journalists could face legal action for spreading false information. Efforts are made to find something against Imran Khan from somewhere so that, he can be punished, like Bhutto. If they had evidence against Farah Shahzadi then why no case was filed in 16 months of their government? The efforts to incriminate Imran Khan seem desperate, and connecting this case to him is absurd. Imran Khan is known for not tolerating corruption even within his party.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi was punished for being loyal to Imran Khan.

The court is reviewing a plea to reinstate Shah Mehmood Qureshi's temporary release in cases related to the May 9 incidents, including the Anti-Terrorism Court Lahore. The petitioner's lawyer presented some arguments, and the court asked for more from Shah Mehmood's attorney. The hearing is postponed until November 21. The petitioner's counsel has asked for bail based on merit, as the court had previously denied bail due to non-compliance.

The Election Commission is far from giving PTI a playing field, afraid to give PTI even a field to play on.

Yesterday, dozens of police vehicles and unknown persons surrounded the PTI district office and the houses of PTI General Secretary and PTI Vice President of Gujranwala district. They had applied to DC Gujranwala for permission to hold the PTI worker's convention. What kind of 'level playing field' or 'free and fair' election is this? It is sheer pre-poll rigging that used to happen only in authoritarian countries.

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Murtaza Solangi's criticism of the President's statement regarding the level playing field.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf strongly condemns the attempt to label the President's statements as unconstitutional. After the constitutionally defined term has ended, those occupying ministries without adherence to the Constitution should refrain from lecturing the President on constitutional matters.

The caretaker government and Election Commission's regrettable role in consistently hindering a fair playing field for Tehreek-e-Insaf is evident to all. Those suppressing Tehreek-e-Insaf, restricting political gatherings, and aiding in the forced disappearances of leaders and workers are not in a position to lecture on the Constitution.

Rather than advising the President on constitutional matters, the caretaker government should ensure equal rights for all political parties before elections and cease facilitating any attempts at pre-election rigging, as per the President's instructions, states a spokesperson for Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Mian Aslam Iqbal's speech, due to which he is the target.

He addressed the PML-N members and said:

“You have corrupted my generation. You have taught my generation the wrong lessons. We are suffering from it till today. These dirty people who say respect the vote. They don't respect the vote, they respect only money. The issue of honoring the vote is nothing to them. They say we have put a red circle on Imran. Today, the power of Allah has drawn a red circle on them. Today they have been destroyed, politically their graves have been dug, they have been buried".

The Election Commission's lies about a level playing field have been exposed.

PTI has not been permitted to hold an election rally or corner meeting in Karachi on November 12. It is a clear violation of the constitutional and democratic rights of a political party. Is this not an attempt to force a wanted criminal on the country by robbing the rights of 25 crore people?

Police's baseless accusations against Tehreek-e-Insaf women.

Women prisoners are released by the courts in one case, only to face a perplexing scenario where the police, exhibiting stubbornness, fabricate a new and absurd charge, leading to their re-arrest. Sanam Javed, for instance, is now facing a new false accusation of throwing a petrol bomb. The Anti-Terrorism Court has granted a 3-day physical remand for Sanam Javed in this new case. In the matter of Khadija Shah, the police failed to present the challan today, resulting in the court adjourning the hearing until November 13.

Workers of Tehreek-e-Insaf jailed for six months, to date police could not present a challan.

The Anti-Terrorism Court in Lahore has adjourned the bail hearing of the 129 accused in the Jinnah House attack case till Tuesday. The record of the case was not presented to the court by the police. The court gave the last chance to the police to present the record.

Price of electricity for Karachi increased.

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), chaired by Caretaker Finance Minister Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, has given the green light for a rise in electricity prices for Karachi as part of the quarterly adjustment. This approval entails a uniform tariff increase for K Electric, resulting in an additional collection of 46 paise per unit from K Electric customers over the next three months.

Despite the so-called crackdown, inflation continues uncontrollably.

The inflation rate has increased by 0.73% during the week. The overall rate of inflation in the country reached 29.73 per cent. During a week, 20 items are recorded as expensive.