Daily News Bulletin - 9th September 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


9th September 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

  1. Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan's illegal imprisonment has passed 35 today, Imran Khan has not been given facilities according to his position, nor is his case being heard on merit in the courts. For the past one week, the legal team has been going around the courts, but sometimes the judge himself gets sick, sometimes he is on leave due to the illness of his wife. Keeping the former prime minister of the country in jail in an illegal case is murder of justice. Even today, when his legal team reached the court, the judge was on leave, the hearing was adjourned till Monday.
  2. Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has sent a message from jail through his lawyer that it is better for me to stay in jail than in a country that is under slavery. He said that the nation should understand the importance of real freedom and stand up. Imran Khan is in jail in worst conditions only for his nation.
  3. Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan's lawyer Intizar Hussain Panjutha said in his tweet, "A fact that was not mentioned before in the first hearing of the cipher case in Attock Jail, when we filed the bail application, the judge immediately said that I will set a date of 11th or 12th September, on which we said that this bail is after arrest, do not give such a long date, on which the date was shortened, but perhaps the plan was already made to hear it on the 11th and 12th of September.”
  4. The Official Secrets Act, Army Amendment Act has been challenged in the Supreme Court by Chairman Imran Khan, it has been pleaded that both Acts are contrary to various provisions of Article 10A, Article 8 and Article 19 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973. The petition has requested the suspension of both the laws.
  5. Despite the murderous attack on Chairman Imran Khan, the police and judiciary, who called him to appear in the courts, are now not him in the court due to the fear of his picture being made public. Imran Khan's lawyers have filed an application in the court against this and the court has issued an order. A response has been sought from the Attock Jail superintendent.
  6. In Arshad Sharif Shaheed’s case, a non-bailable arrest warrant was shamelessly issued against his wife Summaiya Arshad. This is a mockery of justice where the widow of the brutally assassinated journalist is being targeted instead of providing her justice. The whole justice system has failed to provide Arshad Sharif Shaheed justice.Before this as well, the case of Zil-e-Shah who was martyred in police custody due to custodial torture, is being tried against Imran Khan and his party members. The murder case of two Tehreek-e-Insaf workers who were shot and martyred outside the Corps Commander House, Lahore, is being tried against Mian Aslam Iqbal and Mian Mahmood-ul-Rashid, and the courts are completely silent on this joke.
  7. The anti-terrorism court approved the 5-day physical remand of former provincial minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid. The police produced Dr. Yasmin Rashid in a false case before the Anti-Terrorism Court in Lahore, where Judge Abhar Gul Khan accepted the police's request. Dr. Yasmin Rashid is being punished only for not holding a press conference.
  8. Pervez Khattak's arrival at the Mansehra rally was received with lotas by a local shopkeeper reminding him of his position in the eyes of general public.
  9. NEPRA increased the price of electricity by one rupee 46 paise per unit, Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Farrukh Habib reacted to this and said, "People will pay the electricity bills by selling the valuables first, then it will become difficult for more people to live." The cost of electricity was Rs 18 per unit during Imran Khan's regime which reached Rs 70 per unit in Shehbaz Sharif’s government.
  10. For the first time in the history of the country, the price of sugar per kg has reached double century, it has been acknowledged that the price of sugar per kg has reached 200 rupees at the government level. The Bureau of Statistics has released the latest week's data on sugar prices, according to the Bureau of Statistics, the price of sugar per kg has increased by Rs 25 in a week.
  11. The cost of a bag of 10 kg flour has increased by 20 rupees while a bag of 20 kg flour has increased by 40 rupees.
  12. According to the Bureau of Statistics, in one week, tomatoes became expensive by 17%, onion by 3.4%, garlic by 4.6%, lentils by 10.8%, sugar by 6.7%, jaggery by 3.6% and mung beans by 3.5%. Diesel by 6.2% in one week, LPG by 5.1% and petrol by 5.1%. 5.1 percent costlier, chicken 3.2 percent, 5-liter cooking oil became cheaper by 1 percent. The price of pulses has increased by 3.2%, diesel by 6.2%, LPG by 5.1% and petrol by 5.1%.
  13. The President of Pakistan should have approved the caretaker government after giving the date for the election. The Election Commission is responsible for this constitutional crisis. They will retire and go abroad, but they will definitely be charged with treason against the constitution, whatever government comes in. They will not be able to escape. Mubinuddin Qazi said while talking in the Daily Show on Tehreek-eInsaf Youtube channel.