Daily News Bulletin - 7th September 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


7th September 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

  1. Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan's unlawful detention has passed 33 days. Imran Khan has been kept in the smallest cell of Attock Jail to break him psychologically, and the judges often go on sick leaves or vacations to avoid granting bail in false cases. Today, Imran Khan's legal team appeared in the Cypher case, but neither Judge Zulqarnain Abul-Hasnaat was there nor any duty judge was available. Duty judges are also available during Eid holidays on a legal basis, but for Imran Khan's bail, they are not available till Saturday. After the court appearance, the legal team went to Attock Jail where they consulted Imran Khan on various legal matters.
  2. Imran Khan's lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjutha, mentioned in his tweet, 'The extension of bail for Bushra Bibi has been granted until the 12th. The police claim that the audio was played for Bushra Bibi, but she denied it, saying it's not hers. Today, the court told the police that the case has been built on fake receipts, then why are you presenting the audio. This left the police speechless. The court said, ‘Investigate according to the FIR, and you should limit your investigation to the extent of the case. You cannot go beyond it. One can only imagine  how retaliatory action is being taken.' Bushra Bibi was questioned for hours, during which questions were asked apart from the case, which is not legally permissible.' After this, Bushra Bibi was also presented in NAB, where she was unnecessarily kept for over 5 hours.
  3. Secretary Information for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Raoof Hassan, while speaking in a YouTube show, said, 'Today, Pakistan's army is not the army we have seen before. This is my army. Criticism on it is like me advising my child or brother not to do something and learn from the past.' The program's second guest affirmed Raoof Hassan's statement, saying, 'I completely disagree with the idea that PTI or its workers are malicious or treacherous. PTI is more patriotic than any other party. The organization needs to rethink its policies. The whole world knows about Imran Khan's services for this country. I can't believe that such a person is currently bound by restrictions.’
  4. Vice President of Lahore High Court Bar Association, Rabia Bajwa, addressing the convention, said, 'The incident of May 9 has exposed the entire judicial system. These judges still cannot make decisions about women's bails. The incident of May 9 is suspicious. These cowardly judges are sitting, none of them have the courage to make the right decisions.' Among other guests, Babar Awan, also spoke and said, 'Supreme Court's daughters have been waiting for bail for 5 months. I don't know whom the Supreme Court is waiting for.' Lawyers demanded the immediate release of political prisoners and holding elections in ninety-days.
  5. Senior Vice President of PTI Northern Punjab, Ansar Iqbal Haral’s business offices, including Matila Kinu Factory, Matila Petroleum, Matila Farm House, and Residence were raided by a heavy contingent of police and security agencies. They caused severe damage by forcefully breaking objects while displaying their valour against their own Pakistanis. The only fault is that Ansar Haral is standing with the truth and justice, and he is not willing to accept this oppressive system. He stands with his leader, Imran Khan, like a rock.
  6. Judge Babar Sattar has charged DC Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon and SSP Operation Jameel Zafar with misconduct for misusing MPO in the case of Shehryar Afridi. “In this case, you can be imprisoned for 6 months. Stay in jail and see how the people you send to illegal jails endure”, Justice Babar Sattar's remarks.
  7. PDM journalist Shahzeb Khanzada and others in 2020 used to falsely accuse Imran Khan's government of spending four billion rupees on social media wing, while in reality, PDM’s government spent 1.23 billion rupees on its journalists and channels in just 16 months, but no one raised a voice.
  8. Instead of providing relief to the public in electricity bills, the caretaker government has devised a new formula to close markets after sunset, so that electricity can be saved by closing markets quickly. However, no compensation has been provided for the loss of business. The new plan will be implemented from October 15th to February 1st.
  9. An economic coordination committee meeting, chaired by the caretaker finance minister, was held. According to the statement issued after the meeting, dealers' margin on petrol has been approved to increase by one rupee and 64 paisa per litre. After this, further increase in the price of petrol is expected.
  10. According to the Ministry of Finance, the effects of two increments in electricity prices in August will bring more inflation. Petrol and diesel prices are expected to rise further, and there are also possibilities of higher electricity bills in winters.