Daily News Bulletin - 5th September 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

5th September 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

  1. In Supreme Court, a hearing was held against the NAB amendments and was presided over by Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial. Chief Justice, addressing Imran Khan's lawyer, said, "Your client can also benefit from these references." Lawyer Khawaja Haris replied, "Defending Imran Khan's cases under the NAB amendments was quite easy, but Imran Khan has informed NAB through an affidavit that he does not want to benefit from these amendments. Imran Khan still appeals that NAB amendments should be declared null and void. After the completion of the arguments by both sides, the Supreme Court reserved its judgment."
  2. Former Chief Minister of Punjab, Pervaiz Elahi, was once again kidnapped.  Once again, the court orders have been defied, and the rule of law has been trampled upon. Today,  Pakistan stands as a bastion of lawlessness, and justice seems nowhere to be found in this lawless land. Pervaiz Elahi is being taken to the CTD police station. "The state" has declared that we are the law, the constitution, the judges, the judiciary, justice, the parliament, the politicians, and this state's masters. We are greater and more powerful than the state itself.
  3. Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan, has spent a month in unlawful detention after the illegal Toshakhana verdict and subsequent unconstitutional Cypher case. Throughout the month, sometimes the judge was ill, sometimes the opposing lawyer was ill, sometimes the judge's wife was ill, but Imran Khan remained healthy despite being deprived of basic facilities in the strictest jail, nor did he complain. Imran Khan has shown those who imprisoned him that he does not fear these small jails and will continue to strive at any cost for the real freedom of his nation.
  4. Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, met his wife, Bushra Bibi, in Attock jail today. The meeting continued for an hour, during which Bushra Bibi brought books and other necessary items for Chairman Imran Khan. Before this, when Bushra Bibi reached Attock jail, the police stopped her at the checkpoint. Bushra Bibi was also accompanied by a team of lawyers.
  5. Former Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan and leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Khalid Khurshid, was subjected to a deadly attack last night in which he narrowly escaped. The attack has been strongly condemned by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. A few days ago, there were reports that Khalid Khurshid's security, as a former chief minister, had been withdrawn. Khalid Khurshid is actively campaigning in his constituency for the upcoming by-elections, and opponents have resorted to such high-handed tactics out of fear of defeat.
  6. In the Islamabad High Court, a hearing was held against the detention of Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, the central president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance 3, where the court suspended the MPO-3 order and ordered the immediate release of Parvaiz Elahi. On the other hand, in the Lahore High Court, after Parvaiz Elahi's release, a hearing was held against his re-arrest, and the court issued a show cause notice for contempt of court to Superintendent Attock Jail, CCPO Rawalpindi.  The court asked, “When the verdict was announced, why was Pervaiz Elahi not presented today?. Parvez Elahi must be presented in court tomorrow at all costs”, the court ordered. The hearing has been adjourned until tomorrow.
  7. In the Lahore High Court, a two-member bench headed by Justice Aalia Neelum heard the applications. The court rejected the after-arrest bail applications of Dr. Yasmin Rashid and others. New allegations have been included in the case, and investigations need to be carried out under the new laws- prosecutor. First, the prosecutor should be part of the investigation, and then the trial court will file bail applications. Justice Aalia Neelum.
  8. There is no need for the President of Pakistan to consult with anyone. The President of the country should announce the date of elections within 90 days while fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities. Lawyers strongly condemned any actions taken against lawyers and demanded full implementation of the Lawyers Protection Act. Protested against inflation and increases in electricity bills.
  9. The effects of the PDM government's policies are becoming evident day by day, and for the first time in the country's history, electricity bills are increasing even in the winter months. In the current fiscal year, the public will be burdened with an additional 734 billion rupees. From October to December, the unit price will increase to 49.55 rupees, with an 8-rupee increase in September and a 9-rupee per unit tax increase in October/November/December. Fuel adjustment charges will also increase separately.
  10. The PDM government has destroyed every institution in one and a half years, and the consequences are now emerging. Due to the freezing of accounts by the FBR, the employees and officers of the PIA’s group 1-4, have not been paid their salaries for the current month. Employees and officers above group 4 are also victims of delay.
  11. Despite the double century in many cities, the increase in sugar prices could not be stopped. Yesterday, the price of one kilogram of sugar increased by 15 rupees in Quetta, and today, it has increased by another 15 rupees. The price per kilogram has reached up to 220 rupees. In just four days, the price of sugar has increased by 40 rupees.  Chaman is located beyond Quetta, where sugar is being sold at 230 rupees per kilogram.