Daily News Bulletin - 3rd August 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


3rd August 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

  1. Despite the ongoing trial of the Toshakhana case in the Islamabad High Court, Judge Humayoun Dilawar kept hearing the case in the session court. The Supreme Court and High Court had ordered that the session court would not announce the verdict today, but despite that, Justice Humayoun Dilawar ordered the Election Commission's lawyer to complete the evidence. Chairman Imran Khan's lawyers objected, stating that their counsel Khawaja Haris is currently in the High Court, on which Justice Humayoun Dilawar reacted aggressively with his traditional threats.
  2. Atta Tarar, a government minister, continued to indulge in unruly behaviour with his guards and security personnel outside the court, preventing the entry of lawyers into the corridor. He also obstructed their entry into other courts. Petitioners remained distressed.
  3. Supreme Court Delays Hearing on Trial in Military Courts of Civilians Indefinitely.
  4. Chief Justice of Pakistan, Umar Atta Bandial, presided over the hearing against the trial of civilians in the military courts. "Civilian's trial in military courts is not equivalent to a parallel judicial system. The state cannot overlook fundamental human rights even if they want to.  Even if you introduce many laws in the book of laws that contradict basic human rights, they cannot be applied. Justice Muneeb Akhtar's remarks," Justice Ayesha Malik said, "If military courts are not a court of law, then this is equal to denying basic human rights."
  5. During the hearing, Aitzaz Ahsan requested to take notice on the amendments in the Official Secrets Act. In response, the Chief Justice said, "I have read about it in the newspapers. Let's see how both sides of Parliament react to it. The Chief Justice cannot take notice on his own personal discretion. The hearing was delayed for an indefinite period of time.
  6. BBC News anchor Stephen Sackur interviewed Imran Khan and asked, "Your life is in danger, you have been attacked before, and you are saying that they are planning another attack. I am fully confident that your children have asked you to leave all this and save your life. Why are you not doing that?”. Imran Khan replied, “I will prefer death over slavery. I will never accept these thugs. The only thing that can save Pakistan and strengthen its foundation is free and fair elections. There is no other option. They are afraid that whenever elections are held, they will lose.”
  7. In its final days, the fascist government is breaking previous records of fascism. Last night, central leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf, Iftikhar Durrani, was abducted. A female journalist associated with Capital TV in Lahore was also arrested, and today, journalist Hasnain from the Naya Pakistan YouTube channel was also abducted.
  8. Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench Suspends the Order to Detain Shehryar Afridi and His Brother Farrukh Afridi Under MPO-3. Simultaneously, in Bahawalpur, a case in which Shehryar Afridi was nominated on revengeful grounds, he has been provided protective bail. Shehryar Afridi has been in jail for almost 80 days and has been repeatedly arrested after being released multiple times.
  9. Atizaz Ahsan, speaking outside the Supreme Court, said that he has never seen a more biased judge than Judge Humayoun Dilawar in his entire life. Under which law did Judge Humayoun Dilawar reject Imran Khan's right to a fair trial? This right belongs to the accused for clarification.
  10. Over 200 medicines have disappeared from the Market. Due to the scarcity of over 200 medicines across the country, people are facing severe difficulties. The unavailable medicines in the market include various vaccines, biological products, as well as TB and blood thinning medicines. The DRAP Regulatory Authority has suggested increasing the prices of over 220 medicines to the Ministry of Health.
  11. Pervez Khattak’s new party PTI Parliamentarians has proposed an alliance to PTI for the elections, their representative Zia-ullah Bangash has said that we are ready for the alliance, but the public has rejected all those who have switched loyalties and left Imran Khan in difficult times.
  12. The same Shehbaz Sharif, who was supposed to give flour at a cheap rate to the people by selling his clothes, is placing a huge mountain of inflation on the people and treating his parliamentary members to feasts. In the eyes of these rulers, the value of the people is totally insignificant.