Daily News Bulletin - 16th September 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


16th September 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

  1. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has spent 42 days in illegal detention. Imran Khan was arrested unlawfully in the Cypher case after the Toshakhana case. Imran Khan’s lawyers submitted an application for bail in the special court, however despite strong evidence provided, Judge Zulqarnain Abul Hasanaat, in a highly biased decision, rejected the application. Chairman Imran Khan's lawyers have filed a request for bail in Islamabad High Court today against the biased decision of the judge. The hearing for this request is scheduled for Monday.
  2. Chairman Imran Khan, met with his lawyers in Attock Jail. After the meeting, the lawyers shared Imran Khan’s message, "Regime change was an injustice to Pakistan. The sixteen months of hardship proved that only the public and Pakistan suffered the loss." Imran Khan expressed satisfaction over the non-viability of the NAB amendments and stated that the only solution to Pakistan's problems is elections. Only prompt elections can bring stability to this country.
  3. Despite the judicial verdict, Anti-Corruption Punjab has re-arrested the Central President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pervaiz Elahi. The Lahore High Court had made it clear that Pervaiz Elahi should not be rearrested in any case. Whereas, before this, Pervaiz Elahi had already filed a request for contempt of court against Islamabad Police's IG, DIG, and other officers, which has been approved for hearing. The hearing will take place on September 18.
  4. During a conversation in “The Daily Talk Show”, guest Mashal Yousufzai discussed her meeting with Chairman Imran Khan. Imran Khan said, "They can go ahead and bring a thousand more cases against me, I won't make any deal with them. My life and death are in Pakistan. I will not accept any offer from them except for transparent elections."
  5. The bail case of multiple women who have been unlawfully arrested since May 9th, is facing continuous delays. The daughters of the nation have been imprisoned for a hundred plus days, but none of the judges conscience seems to be alive . The hearing for bail took place today, but the court once again postponed the hearing using delaying tactics. The next date is set for September 19. Dr. Yasmeen Rashid, Ejaz Chaudhry, Mian Mahmood ur Rashid, Omar Sarfraz Cheema, Usman Dar, anchor Imran Riaz, Zahoor Mashwani, Hassan Niazi, along with thousands of political detainees are currently either missing or arrested.
  6. Session Judge Dera Ismail Khan has sentenced the SHO to three years imprisonment and a fine of one hundred thousand rupees for forcibly entering a house without a warrant. After the sentence, DSP Dera Ismail Khan, Hafiz Muhammad Adnan, posted on Facebook against the judge. The Peshawar High Court has taken notice and summoned DSP for an explanation. Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Justice Muhammad Ibrahim, will hear the case on September 19.
  7. All petitions to hold elections within 90 days have been returned by the Supreme Court. Requests from various parties, included Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Supreme Court Bar Association, and Jamaat-e-Islami. The Registrar's office states that no reference has been made to the relevant forum. On the other hand, the Election Commission is not issuing any schedule, and the President of the country's letter is also not being acknowledged.
  8. For the first time in the country's history, the price of petrol has reached 331 rupees per litre. The incompetent PDM government and its cronies, who staged the Inflation March against Imran Khan’s government are responsible for this. Those raising slogans of the Inflation March have created such havoc that now the country is struggling with issues of poverty. The common people are dying of poverty day by day, while the imposed thieves who destroyed the country are leading a peaceful life in their homeland, Britain.
  9. Energy Minister Muhammad Ali has stated that work is underway to increase gas prices. After the increase in petroleum products, gas prices will also be raised once again. Meanwhile, gas loading has already started before the onset of winter.
  10. After the increase in petroleum product prices, transporters have unilaterally increased fares. Fares for various cities from Lahore have been increased by 15 to 20 percent, while fares for Quetta and other cities have been raised by 250 to 400 rupees.