Chairman PTI Imran Khan's Important Video Message to Nation - 2nd August 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Chairman PTI Imran Khan's Important Message to Nation - 2nd August 2023

Chairman Imran Khan released an important message for the nation in which he shared critical information about the Tosha Khana Case and his concerns about the conduct of the judge hearing this case. He also shared his fears that he is likely to be convicted by the judge Dilawar Humayun without giving him the right to fair trial. It seems that the judge is in a hurry to conclude this case and announce a verdict by tomorrow due to pressure from elsewhere. 

Out of the 35 questions posed by the judge Dilawar Humayun, Imran Khan answered each and every question providing all the details required as evidence for the case.

"My message to the nation on the ongoing Tosha Khana case where I have been continuously denied the Constitutional Right to Fair Trial and not even allowed to present witnesses in my defense. The superior courts must intervene immediately to stop this miscarriage of justice in what feels like a military-styled mis-trial." Chairman Imran Khan.


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