Chairman PTI Imran Khan speaks to the group of UK parliamentarians. | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Chairman PTI Imran Khan speaks to the group of UK parliamentarians. Here are few major points: 

1) UK can play an important role to solve Kashmir but with PM Modi hope of success is little.
2) For the first time, Army Chief in Pakistan is supporting Democracy, Independent Judiciary playing an important role.
3) 29th April Rally ll be a kick-start of national elections campaign.
4) In the past audiotapes, show how Sharifs controlled Judiciary and used to order Judges to sentence pol opponents.
5) For Nawaz Sharif, if elections are fair its a conspiracy against them.
6) People have no trust in Tax systems we need to revamp FBR.
7) Spending on Humans is most important, education is key Children in Madares are our children we need to own them.
8) Relationship with the USA is not good USA need to understand Pakistan's position, you cannot blame your failures on Pak. The USA is a superpower and it is in Pak interest to have a good relationship but relationship should be based on mutual understanding of issues.
9) We need jobs for our young people, I am bringing salient feature of my 100 days plan

10) 7 Million overseas Pakistanis are the real asset of Pakistan, if we can create a system where overseas Pakistanis can invest in Pak it 'll be bigger than CPEC or any other investment initiative.

11) Britain n Pak are natural trade partners
12) Debt is Pak biggest economic issue now, we have created a special task force to come up with policy on debt repayments.