Bitesize Daily News Bulletin - 26 July 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

26 July 2023 News Headlines

Summary of today's important  news regarding Pakistan and PTI that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

  1. After spending more than three consecutive days attending court hearings and obtaining bails in various bogus cases, Chairman of PTI, Imran Khan, returned to Zaman Park. His arrival in Islamabad and subsequent court appearances marked a significant political event, with people throwing flowers on the streets, judicial complex became a centre for gatherings, police officers shaking hands at the ECP office, slogans being chanted in the Supreme Court, and the FIA office police saluting.
  2. The Supreme Court rejected Imran Khan's plea to halt the trial of the Toosha Khana case. The Islamabad High Court should review the objection raised against the trial court judge and the decision of the high court together and pass a judgement on it. Order of the Supreme Court.
  3. Just like all the other bogus cases, the Al-Qadir Trust case also turned out to be completely baseless. Minutes from NAB's Executive Board Meeting on 20th April 2020 prove that NAB approved adjusting £190 million of Malik Riaz's money as a penalty against Bahria Town Karachi. After this revelation, the present Chairman of NAB’s ill intentions along with the the members of the 2020 Executive Board should face corruption charges. It is evident from official documents, that NAB itself pardoned the £190 million. The case against Imran Khan is based on ill intentions, whereas the actual culprit is NAB itself.
  4. Attempts to escape the elections by the PDM government are ongoing, seeking to expand the powers of the caretaker government.
  5. Employees protesting the privatization of the Lahore Airport, no media coverage done.
  6. On one hand, the fascist government's luxuries continue, while on the other hand, the poor people face new hardships every day. Essential medicines for critical illnesses are scarce, and the government has once again decided to increase medicine prices by 200 percent.
  7. Shahbaz Sharif keeps proving of being a beggar wherever he goes, but he is eliminating facilities for overseas Pakistanis and even threatening actions through Interpol against them. This has led to a noticeable decline in foreign remittances. These foreign remittances were continuously increasing during Imran Khan's tenure.
  8. The burden of decisions made by the present inept economic team of the fascist government is being borne by the salaried class, which is paying 200 percent more taxes compared to all other classes.
  9. After fully managing electronic media, the fascist government is now legislating to control social media to achieve desired results in the elections.
  10. Senior lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan, in his media conversation, revealed that all 200 cases against PTI Chairman Imran Khan are a means of revenge, setting an unprecedented example worldwide. Aitzaz Ahsan explained using legal points that all these cases have no legal standing.
  11. The fascist government is seeking the worst revenge from its political opponents. Today, Parvez Elahi was not presented in court for the fake money laundering case. After which, the judge awarded penalties to the officers.  The IG Jail Administrator and the Interior Secretary had their salaries suspended.
  12. Two of her clinics in Lahore were raided and sealed by the fascist government after PTI Senator Dr. Zarqa's response to hateful remarks made by a government minister on the floor of the Assembly. The silence of our human rights and women's rights organizations on blatant violations of women's fundamental rights is shameful.
  13. Judge Humayun Dilawar summoned Imran Khan again tomorrow, with a warning to issue a non-bailable warrant in case of non-appearance.