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Important Facts about the Al-Qadir Trust Case Against Chairman PTI Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently under arrest for building an educational institution "Al-Qadir University" that is modeled after Shaukat Khanum and Namal University, providing free service to the people of Pakistan.

Imran Khan has been accused of benefiting from the construction of this university, a claim that is utterly baseless and contradicts the established facts.

Lets look at some facts about this institution and the farcical case against Imran Khan:

  • Imran Khan had a vision of making Pakistan a welfare state on the model of the State of Madinah and a dream of establishing an institution for imparting Islamic teachings to the youth which would educate the people irrespective of color, caste, creed, religion, and financial status. It would provide equal opportunities to all producing future leaders and scholars.
  • To fulfill this dream, land was acquired in December 2018 to build Al-Qadir University, which was donated by Bahria Town.
  • Imran Khan laid the foundation stone of Al Qadir University in May 2019.
  • The purpose of Al-Qadir University was to conduct research on the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and to educate the young generation of the country in science and technology along with the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
  • In March 2021, Imran Khan inaugurated this university and regular teaching process started.
  • The name of this trust is Al-Qadir University Project Trust and the total assets of this trust are 660 million rupees.
  • Former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushri Bibi are among its trustees.
  • Bahria Town donated 458 kanals of land worth a total of 200 million for this university located in Suhawa, a remote area of ​​Jhelum.
  • According to the audit report, the total value of land and building is 470 million rupees.
  • According to the agreement, the trustees can never take any personal benefit from the land donated by Bahria Town to this charity or the building constructed on it.
  • The land and building shall not be owned by the trustee, nor can the trustee sell the land or building.
  • According to the trust deed, the purpose of this trust is to establish Al-Qadir University and similar educational institutions and to provide equal opportunity for education to the people throughout Pakistan, which includes Islamic teachings as well as science and technology education.
  • This land and building can be used only for Al Qadir University project.
  • Imran Khan and his wife do not receive any salary or benefits as trustees. NAB has the details of all the financial transactions of Al-Qadir University, that is why they cannot prove that Imran Khan took financial advantage, so they have alleged that Imran Khan took political advantage from it.
  • Al Qadir University has also been linked with another case to defame Imran Khan.
  • NCA froze the assets of owner of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz in UK based on a suspicious transaction on which Malik Riaz and NCA made an out-of-court settlement and made an agreement.
  • Under this agreement, Malik Riaz requested to deposit 190 million pounds in the Supreme Court account in Pakistan, which was deposited after approval of the cabinet, because Pakistan had already lost 100 million dollars in court proceedings. As this money was to be transferred to Pakistan from outside, the entire cabinet approved it.
  • NAB made a false case against Imran Khan by linking this agreement with Al-Qadir Trust that since Malik Riaz donated to Al-Qadir Trust, Imran Khan took this decision to benefit him in return. Although this decision was approved by the entire cabinet and had nothing to do with Al-Qadir Trust.
  • Even today, 190 million pounds are lying in the account of the Supreme Court. If NAB suspects that this money was brought in by money laundering, then NAB can file a case in UK and prove it, after which this money will be transferred to the account of Pakistan government. Who is stopping NAB from filing a case?
  • This money has nothing to do with Imran Khan or Al Qadir Trust. Actually this whole case is a fake attempt to defame Imran Khan and create a political narrative against him.
  • Malik Riaz's money is in the Supreme Court's account and the land of Al-Qadir University belongs to the trust. The government can take over both of them whenever it wants.
  • Imran Khan has nothing to do with both this money and land, nor did he ever benefit from it.
  • In the Al-Qadir University case, no evidence could be substantiated against Imran Khan, as it is deemed a spurious case. This led to the replacement of the NAB Chairman, and a new, biased Chairman was appointed to orchestrate this bogus case against Imran Khan.
  • Imran Khan remarked during the proceedings of this case,
  • “Even if all the allegations of NAB in the Al-Qadir Trust are accepted as true, what sort of corruption case is this? A case where an exemplary modern and Islamic university was constructed for the public good, serving as a valuable asset to the nation. Free quality education is being provided to the new generation of the nation, what kind of bribery is this?"
  • Unfortunately, to achieve their nefarious political goals, the opponents of Imran Khan tried to make controversial an institution like Al-Qadir University, which is providing higher education and employment opportunities to the poor people of Pakistan.
  • Regrettably, in pursuit of their nefarious political objectives, opponents of Imran Khan sought to unjustly tarnish the reputation of an institution like Al-Qadir University. This institution, dedicated to providing higher education and employment opportunities to the underprivileged in Pakistan, has become the target of unwarranted controversy.