Chohdry Mohammad Sarwar | PTI | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Core Member & Governor Punjab


A successful businessman, philanthropist and politician. Mohammad was born in Faisalabad – Pakistan, and moved to Scotland in the mid 70’s to join his wife Perveen with whom he now has four children.  After arriving in Scotland he became successful in the Scottish Wholesale sector, and then went into politics becoming Britain’s first Muslim MP and Scotland’s first ethnic minority MP. 


Business Career

Proprietor, Independent retail store, 1976 - 1980

Director, United Wholesale Grocers Ltd, 1980 - 1997

Director, United Wholesale Scotland Ltd, 2002 - present,

(£150 million turnover in 2008 - 2009)

Director, Kidz Kingdom Ltd, 2010 - present

 Educational History 

Primary education from chak No. 331 GB Distt.: T.T.Singh.

Middle & High School education from Chak No.333 GB. Distt.: T. T.Singh.

Higher education from Government College, Faisalabad. (later given University status and renamed Government College University of Faisalabad)

Chief prefect, New Hostel, Government College, Faisalabad, 1973-74,

Political Career

Member of the Labour Party, since 1984

Elected Councillor, Glasgow City Council, 1992-1995

      Deputy Convenor Race Relations Board, Glasgow City Council, 1992-1995

Re-elected Councillor, Glasgow City Council, 1995 – 1997

Member of GMB, since 1997

Chairman of General Purposes Committee, Glasgow City Council 1995-1997

Elected as first ever Muslim Member of UK Parliament & Scotland’s first ever Ethnic Minority MP, Glasgow Govan, 1997-2001

Member of the Scottish Affairs Parliamentary Select Committee, 1999-2005

Re-elected MP, Glasgow Govan, 2001-2005

Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party - Scotland, 2002-2003

Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party - Scotland, 2003-2004

First Non white, Muslim & Ethnic Minority Executive Member of the Labour Party Scottish Executive Committee, 1994-1997

Elected MP, Glasgow Central, 2005-2010

Chairman of the Scottish Affairs Parliamentary Select Committee, 2005-2010

Member of the Liaison Parliamentary Select Committee, 2005-2010

Selected by the Prime Minister to visit Sri Lanka as part of a Parliamentary delegation lead by Rt. Hon. Des Browne MP during the period of civil unrest in 2009.

Member of Parliamentary delegations, to visit and strengthen Britain’s ties with

Morocco - Tunisia - Kuwait - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia - Indonesia

During his tenure as an MP he has been an active member of over 20 All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG’s), and has been an office bearer of the APPG on Pakistan, Secretary to the APPG on Terrorism, Chairman & Vice-Chairman of APPG on Kuwait

 Voluntary/Charitable Work

Chairman, Council for Human Rights – Scotland, 1982-1992

Executive Committee, Pakistan Social & Cultural Society, 1982-1984

Executive member, The Islamic Centre – Glasgow, 1980-1984

General Secretary, The Islamic Centre – Glasgow, 1984-1986

Chairman, Pollokshields Development Association – Glasgow, 1988-1992

Founding member and office bearer, Ethnic Minority Law Centre (Glasgow)

Founding member and office bearer, Ethnic Minority Enterprise Centre (Glasgow)

Member, Medical Aid for Palestinians - UK,

Chairman and founding member, Pakistan Foundation – UK, 2000-2009

Chairman and founding member, the UCare Foundation – UK, 2009-2010

Member of Scottish Friends of Palestine

Advisor to Board of Trustees, Taleem Trust Glasgow

   Advisor to Youth Counselling Service Agency, Glasgow

   Advisor to Board of University of Management and Technology – Lahore, Pakistan

Campaigning Work


Directed a successful national fundraising campaign to raise £1 million and build 1000 new homes in Pakistan following the devastating floods of 2010

Directed a successful international fundraising campaign for the Ucare Foundation (formerly the Pakistan Foundation), enabling it to establish 3 state of the art free hospitals in rural Pakistan. The first Foundation hospital opened its doors in 2006 and now treats over 5000 patients a month

Worked with the Chief Minister of Punjab to help improve emergency service’s provision in Punjab, which amongst other things resulted in the setting up of Rescue 1122 - a dedicated free hotline number for accessing the Punjab Emergency Services   

Assisted leaders of the Sikh Community in achieving their ambitions for a purpose built Gurdwara for Glasgow’s Sikh community

Assisted leaders of the Muslim community in their successful campaign for a new Muslim burial site in Glasgow which spans over 30 acres and will accommodate the needs of the Muslim community for the next 50 to 60 years

Successfully negotiated the extradition of 3 individuals back to the UK who had fled to Pakistan in order for them to stand trial for the murder of Scottish teenager Kriss Donald

Successfully negotiated and secured the release of British Pakistani girls forced into marriage in Pakistan

Successfully led the campaign to save Scotland’s Shipyards

After 7/7 – Visited all Major cities and towns in the UK to create better understanding between communities

Campaigner for the implementation of United Nations Resolutions on Palestine and the creation of a independent Palestinian state living in peace side by side with the state of Israel

Led delegations to visit the West Bank and Gaza and highlight the suffering of the people of Palestine

Campaigner for a peaceful resolution between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir

Founding member, Save the Bosnian Campaign, 1995

Campaigner, Anti-Apartheid Movement in Africa

Campaigner for Woman’s rights, focusing on tackling domestic violence and forced marriage

Post 9/11 campaigned within the UK to avoid any backlash against Muslims by Non Muslims

Campaigned against war in Iraq in the Parliament.