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The increasing debt- Blog by Fawad Chaudhry

The path that we have been treading for the past five years seems to be coming a head. Five years ago this government came to power on the back of ironic and hypocritical promises that even then seemed laughable. However, what is now unfolding as a result of the PML-N’s disastrous policies evokes more tears than it does laughs. Unemployment is at an all-time high, inflation is rearing its ugly...

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God's from outer space - Insaf Blog by Brigadier rt. Samson Simon Sharaf

Subcontinent has a penchant for mystery and flair for metaphysics; primarily so because the land was once inhabited by people of diverse mythical beliefs who were all lumped by the British Raj Census as Hindus.  Hindu was a reference to the Indus people once known as Sindhu with cultural connotations. In common usage, it refers to religion.  The old civilizations of Harappa, Mohenjo-...

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Come on Imran Khan! Insaf Blog by Awab Baqar

I am a student at KU Leuven, one of the toughest universities in Central Europe and exams are nearing, only one month left. Most of the students are busy studying and I can not stop myself from writing this blog post. On 30th April 2018, I took out some time to watch Imran Khan’s speech online, It was so mesmerizing for me to see my leader talking and giving his manifesto for the upcoming...

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KHAN- The Dreamer & An Eagle-Poem by Asim Khan

Stood like a giant, As the world witnessed, In silence of its trance  The famous riot  As fear drifted  From the hearts and mind  As the Nation listened, To An eagle and dreamer  In union, rhythm and its symphony  As the famous backdrop,  Provided the perfect slot  The Minar and the mosque  Rise like a Sun As it traverses  Through its labour...

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Strongest brand of Pakistan in 70 years. Insaf Blog by Ahmad Jawad

Imran Khan is undoubtedly the strongest brand ever created by Pakistan. His determination, Charisma & winning against odds is unmatched by anyone in Pakistan. Top 20 milestones accomplished by IK brand.  1. IK brand inspired & led to win one day World Cup only once in the history. 2. IK brand created biggest & most advance cancer hospital of Pakistan in the history of Pakistan....

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Pakistan's Tipping point - Insaf Blog by Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Malcolm Gladwell in his seminal work defined "Tipping Point" as "the moment of critical mass, the threshold...."  He goes on to state:  "Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do....." If ever there was and is a tipping point in Pakistan's history, then it is Imran's 29 April Jalsa in Lahore. Looking beyond the sound and images, the charged mammoth crowd,...

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Tabdeeli - Passion of hope - Insaf Blog by Anila Khawaja

It’s been half a decade since the landmark jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan when PTI’s leader, Imran Khan, raised the battle cry of “Tabdeeli”. After a many a twist and turn, Dharnas, court battles, and victories, many might wonder if Imran Khan has lost steam. Do Khan and his team have the same sense of urgency to bring about the transformation that the vast majority of the nation desperately desires?...

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It's payback time-Rise for the nation-Insaf Blog-By Zartaj Gul

It’s Payback time! Rise for the nation!     Sunday, April the 29th is fast approaching. The vast hallowed turfs of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore, are all set to house the biggest rally of in the country’s history, as PTI flexes its muscles in launching its campaign for the General Elections. A nation formed on the ideology of merit and tolerance, of economic and social well-being and...

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Pakistan's democracy - Insaf Blog by Haider Raza Mehdi

Pakistan's democracy There is a saying in Punjabi "Jithay dee Khothee Uthaay Aan Khalothee" ! Loosely translated, the she donkey (or whatever one calls a female donkey) always comes back to where she started from. In more sophisticated terms its "back to square one". Basically; No change!  Pakistan's version of democracy is no different to this Khothee, aimlessly going round and round...

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And then they ask me "Why do you love Imran Khan". Insaf Blog by Ali Abbasi

کرکٹ اور سماجی خدمات کے علاوہ کچھ باتیں کرتے ہیں کہ آخر کیوں عمران خان مجھے پسند ہے ؟ آخر ایسی کونسی کوالٹی عمران خان میں ہے جو کسی اور میں نہیں؟ عمران خان اس ملک کی بہتری کی بات کرتا ہے۔ عمران خان قانون کی بات کرتا ہے۔ عمران خان کہتا ہے کہ ملک میں امیر اور غریب کے لئے ایک قانون ہونا چائیے۔ عمران خان صحت و تعلیم کی بات کرتا ہے۔ وہ انصاف کی بات کرتا ہے۔ وہ تمام پاکستانیوں کو برابری کی سطح پر حقوق...

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How to defeat Pakistan’s corrupt elite and return wealth to the people - Imran Khan

Click here for the article link. My Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) – or Pakistan Movement for Justice – was always envisaged as more than merely a traditional political party. It is a movement to fight for a just and equal society based on the system that our Prophet laid down in the Medina Charter, which was the foundation of the model Islamic state. This is an egalitarian society based on the...

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What is illiteracy? A blog by Esha Musharaf Baig

What is illiteracy? Well, the basic meaning of the word is “the inability to read and write” but in order to answer this question more appropriately and in depth we’d have to look at our world today. Despite the advancement of civilization we battle many issues that threaten our existence. Some of these are; world hunger, racism, terrorism, gender inequality, global warming, ozone depletion. What...

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What on earth is Imran Khan doing? Blog By Yasir Naveed

What on earth is Imran Khan doing? With elections just around the corner and almost daily controversies about someone joining or leaving the party, PTI has become a roller coaster ride of emotions for its workers and supporters all around the world. The electables vs ideologists debate has reached a point where party’s internal matters have made it to mainstream media and consumed people’s...

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Kursi Ka Lalach : Blog By Mohammad Abdhu

آج کی اخبار میں تین خبریں ہیں۔   ایک۔ کوریا کی سابق خاتون صدر پارک گھن کی گرفتاری کے بعد ایک اور سابق صدر لی میونگ پارک کو دو بھائی بیوی بچوں داماد سمیت کرپشن میں گرفتار کرلیا گیا ہے۔   دو۔ اسرائیل کے وزیراعظم اپنے خلاف کرپشن کیس میں رکاوٹ ڈال رہے تھے اس لیے پولیس نے ان پر اختیارات کے ناجائز استعمال پر شامل تفتیش کرلیا ہے۔   تین۔ آئین کی بالادستی کیلے سب کے ساتھ بیٹھنے کو...

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Nobility of Pakistan; a Halt to Progress By Imran Khan

Before the Revolution knocking the door of France in between 17th and 18th century, The Bourbon Dynasty of France had been going through a serious economic crisis even though they had won French phase of The Thirty Years Of War against the Hapsburgs Rule and put an end to the power of Catholic Church in Europe. But still, they were not able to uphold their power to the rest of Europe because the...

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