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The Dr. Atif Mian Flying Arrow | Insaf Blog by Haider Mehdi

  Yesterday was a harrowing and embarrassing day for Imran and PTI.   Barely 20 days in and they tasted the angry and highly inflammable onslaught of the right wing. In the media, from the pulpits and great possibilities of a dharna on the streets. First they put up a brave and defiant face refusing to bow down to the threats and blackmail, but then retreated under pressure and...

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Paigham E Kashmir - Banaam Imran Khan | Insaf Blog by Husnain Shabbir

وفاق حکومتِ پاکستان میں ایک اہم وزارت “امورِ کشمیر و گلگت بلتستان” اور اہم ایک کمیٹی “ کشمیر کمیٹی” کے نام سے کام کر رہی ہے جن کا آئینی مقصد حکومتِ آزاد کشمیر کے ساتھ باہمی مشاورت سے مسلہ کشمیر کو اُجاگر کرتے ہوۓ مقبوضہ جموں و کشمیر میں “بھارتی نام نہاد جمہوریت” کی انسانی حقوق کی خلاف ورزیوں اور بھارتی افواج کی طرف سے نہتے کشمیریوں پر ڈھاۓ جانے والے مظالم کے خلاف ناصرف آواز بلند کرنا ہے بلکہ...

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PTI’s positives - Insaf Blog by Sarah Ahmad.

  I WOULD like to share what has been really happening in Islamabad and not being reported. Our Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared before the Senate, diplomacy succeeded and the blasphemous cartoon competition in the Netherlands was cancelled.   Besides, the restructuring of the Federal Bureau of Revenue is on, the NBP president involved in money laundering has been removed, and 10...

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Meritocracy: Economic Coordination Committee - Insaf blog

  Summary: The Prophet encouraged equality and justice Hazrat Umar gave key positions to non-Muslims, if they were up to the merit Jinnah had 2 minority-members in the first cabinet of 7 (1 Hindu, 1 Ahmedi) Pakistani non-Muslims have a duty to be a part of such fora and contribute positively. No one has followed a meritocracy in recent years, so they are wincing at IK’s selection of...

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The Incursion of Social Media - Insaf Blog by Ahmed Janjua

Social Media makes globalization a reality despite being controversial medium in today’s world. We live in a world where information is optimized, we click that button...

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Transcript Diplomacy - Pak-US Relations - Insaf Blog

On the eve of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Pakistan, the controversy surrounding the Transcript Diplomacy has been mutually mulled. Pakistan has shown grace and flexibility to make bilateral and regional engagement more objective and fruitful. USA to the contrary has reasserted its bulwark assertion through its department of defence. Though Pakistan’s foreign office understands...

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PM visits the GHQ - A short note by Haider Raza - Insaf Blogs

  What should have been a norm is seen as a great moment. And yes it is. For once we have A PM, a Government, an Army Chief and an Army to be proud of! Never felt so elated & full of hope as now. We've wrought a near miracle in Imran's election and in the near perfect and complete alignment amongst key stakeholders. Executive, Judiciary, Parliament and yes the Army! And the negative...

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Jamhoori Inqlaabi Rahnumna - Insaf Blog by Husnain Shabbir

قیامِ پاکستان کے ابتدائی چار سالوں کے بعد قائدِ اعظم اورلیاقت علی خان جیسے راہنماؤں سے قوم محروم ہو گئ۔ پھر جو بھی آیا اُس نے ذاتی مفادات کو قومی مفادات پر ترجیح دی۔اُن عظیم راہنماؤں کے بعد کئ دہائیاں گزر گئیں اور قوم کسی مسیحا کی تلاش میں مختلف بہروپیوں کے ہاتھوں یرغمال ہوتی رہی۔  قیامِ پاکستان کے بعد جب نوزائیدہ مُلکت اندرونی و بیرونی مشکلات کا شکار تھی تو قائدِ اعظم نے ایسے انقلابی اقدام...

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The Speech - Insaf Blog by Haider Raza Mehdi

  As PM Imran Khan finished his 77 minute inaugural address to the nation, one thought crossed my mind!  Where does one position "The Speech"?  I don't know. I don't know, because it's so different and so refreshing. Simple in content and delivery and so matter of fact, with every word and syllable coming from the heart that it seemed almost anticlimatic! It ranged from the...

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Imran Khan’s Maiden Speech - Insaf Blog by Yasir Awan

  Imran Khan’s Maiden Speech Thanks to ALLAH Almighty, at last we witnessed someone who spoke from the core of his heart, as a Pakistani national addressing a common man issues which he faces on daily basis. The whole nation was glued to their TV sets, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s maiden speech which started with recitation of Holy Quran and then the national anthem of Pakistan. He started...

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A Statesman's speech - Insaf Blog by Ayesha Zee Khan

  19th August 2018 the Prime Minister of Pakistan made his maiden address to the nation from PTV at 9:30pm local time. It was heard in the length and breadth of this country. A speech which left common Pakistanis speechless as whatever the prime minister said was what you and I say. Eloquent as he was speaking from his heart. Spoke extempore, the bullet points which he wrote were on a used...

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The Inaugural National Assembly Session - Insaf Blog by Haider Mehdi

  Fire and Brimstone! But first. Congratulations to the  man who worked tirelessly for 22 years, supported by those who didn't lose faith in him, and finally achieved his dream of becoming PM and start the most challenging task of turning this country around! What a session! Imran, in his moment of glory, unfortunately, couldn't retain his cool after being heckled and harangued and...

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We finally won - Congratulations to the whole nation - Insaf Blog

  جیت گئے۔۔۔۔۔۔! قوم کو وزیراعظم عمران خان مبارک۔۔ میرے سوشل میڈیا کے کارکنوں  وطن کے ہوائیں تمھیں سلام کہتی ہیں۔۔۔۔ ہم سب وہ لوگ جو تحریک انصاف کے ساتھ 2011 کے بعد کسی نہ کسی حوالے سے منسلک ہوئے ہمیں مختلف سیاسی جماعتوں نے فیس بکی اور  ٹوئٹری کارکن کہا اور عمران خان کو سوشل میڈیا لیڈر کہا گیا پھر عمران خان نے مینار پاکستان کے جلسے کے بعد مقبولیت کی ہوا کو ملک بھر ایک تبدیلی کی...

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The Surreal Effect of Imran Khan - Insaf Blog by Ahmed Janjua

  Imran Khan has won elections on 26th July,2018 resulting PTI Government in Federal, KP, Punjab and partially in Baluchistan but he had won the hearts & minds of those who knew his fight was not for throne, when he started giving awareness to the masses about conventional political system of this country designed to benefit the rulers. It won’t be wrong to compare Imran Khan with...

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Short note on nomination of Mehmood Khan as CM KP.

  I've been burning the wires for several hours today, talking to people who are much better informed than I am, seeking insights on Mehmood Khan's surprise and unexpected nomination as CM PK, especially given some of the social media chatter against it. Here's what I've discovered.  Mehmood comes from a very humble background from Matta in Swat, where the TTP had its strongest hold....

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