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The IK Factor By Majid Rafiq

here has been a fundamental change brought in Pakistani politics due to one thing; the Imran Khan (IK) factor.Millions of Pakistanis now believe that Pakistan can be made into a great country because of this IK Factor.Pakistanis had given up on Pakistan and then IK brought a genuine hope of better Pakistan, a Naya Pakistan.This hope then has translated into passion and rage.Rage and passion often...

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The Panama Fizzler By Brig(R) Samson Simon Sharaf

“The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been found out, because it was properly executed.”- Honoré de BalzacThe introduction to the Panama Bench judgment is sensational and apt. Perhaps the ruling judges allowed the dissenting judges to write this much in their honour. The quote most likely comes from Justice Khosa, known for his taste of...

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