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When some countries have armed conflict with other countries or within the country, they get engaged in war. Theorists throughout examined, that the nature of war may not be changed whether it relates to first generation or the fifth generation warfare, but the conduct of war is entirely transformed. Warfare is a very complex social phenomenon, and one cannot enlighten it by a single aspect or through any single approach. 

Pakistan became one of the seven nuclear countries in the word on 28th May 1998, when it successfully tested nuclear weapons and detonated five nuclear devices at Chaghi district in Baluchistan. Pakistan has fought a series of confrontational war with India hence now our opponent clearly understood, to get engage in war with a nuclear country is near to impossible because war with nuclear weapons have devastating consequences far beyond borders.

It is definite that our enemy no more preferred to be seen in the physical sense, so it is very important for us to understand the term “Hybrid warfare”.  General Qamar Javed Bajwa many times, indirectly referred movements, and engineered protests which aimed clearly launched to undo the gains made by our armed forces in the fight against terrorism. COAS believes that hybrid war is imposed on Pakistan to internally weaken it, but the enemy doesn’t know, the nation is united and, categorically it’ll fail to divide.

The author of “The Art of War” book, Sun Tzu, once quoted that “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”. In reference to this war strategy explained, Hybrid warfare approach is exercised to engage enemy on all fronts at the same time to disrupt and incapacitate opponent’s ability of growth, which is aptly known as Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW).

Since the beginning, our society is being victimized of biased information especially through fake news. After the arrival of social media this spread of fake news has become widespread. Through our enemy and their proxies such fake news is spread based on falsehood to instigate Pakistanis. This becomes a high threat to institutions and democracy.

The Next Web (TNW), company revealed that India is operating around 256 fake news websites against Pakistan to push anti-Pakistan propaganda. Currently around 65 countries of the world are being used to publicize anti-Pakistan coverage which ultimately benefits Indian’s interest, these fake media platforms continually influence world’s perception on Pakistan by multiplying anti-Pakistan coverage.

Special assistant to Prime Minister on Information and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) authority chairman Lieutenant General (Retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa and his family recently became victims of fake news. Bogus news was reported on an unknown website which was created few days before, simply for the purpose to break the news relating to declaration of Assets beyond means by a non state actor Ahmed Noorani.

In another incident a fake news sensationalized the audience, where in a viral video it showed man jumping into rainwater from a rooftop in Karachi. Later revealed that the video belonged to Indian city Mumbai, was uploaded to an Indian YouTube channel from where the video was downloaded and widely shared. This act became the reason to embarrass our country.

Now think about it, practice of accepting it as true and sharing without confirmation makes us a partner in spreading fake news.

No doubt improvement on all fronts is needed to win this war but in the relating context, we need to fill communication gaps within the country first then with the rest of the world. Further more; we must launch multiple internet platforms  to operate them from different countries as it necessitates to create Pakistan’s positive perception in the world.

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