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Is there a very vicious and lethal Modi-Netanyahu-Doval conspiracy hatching?!


I am not a conspiracy theorist but no one can deny that various conspiracies keep hatching as often as chicks hatch out of eggs!! We would be left holding the empty egg-shells unless we anticipate and pre-empt them from hatching before they occur.


It is very clear that this time Modi's False-flag Pulwama attack and the Indian Air Farce misadventure has left with a few rotten eggs on his face. He and the Indian Media are facing many harsh questions from Pakistan, the World-community and the independent thinkers but, we can be certain that even now, Modi and companions are up to no good, are not going to sit on their haunches and are planning their next even more dangerous game-plan. The plan of Modi's BJP, his international allies, the Hindutva Safron Terrorists Brigade and their right wing Hindus would probably be to repeat another Palestine in Kashmir.


There is a state of undeclared civil war in Kashmir where the predominantly Muslim civilian population is up in stones and bricks against the fully armed and equipped Indian Army and Paramilitary forces. The Indian forces are following the Israeli/ Netanyahu model of the use of excessive and illegal force, torture, rape, imprisonment, extrajudicial target-killings and the use of lethal weapons. The least they do is use pellet guns against the general public, protestors and even kids to mark them or blind them for life. It appears that the pellet guns are not only blinding the little kids and young adults but are also blinding the World-community, who remain deafeningly silent on all the reports and appeals.


Modi is trying to win the next elections by using hate for Islam and Pakistan, slogans of patriotism and religion, cheap Media theatrics and Fifth Generation wars, and Bollywood sentimental/populist approaches. There will be more false-flag operations in Kashmir or India and then, once again, under the guise of counter terrorist activity, Modi will use his Army for ethnic cleansing of the local population. They will internally displace the hostile locals and push these common people from Kashmiri villages and towns, etc., and push-squeeze them into enclaves close to the Pakistani borders. The presence of these innocent Muslim Kashmiris in the border belt will deter any Pakistani retaliation or firing back in return for Indian shelling and cross-border fire.


This mass of hungry, destitute, homeless refugees pushed up against the LOC would pressurise Pakistan to accept them in to Azad Kashmir. This is exactly what happened with Palestinian refugees going into and getting assimilated in the neighbouring Arab countries. This is also what happened in Afghanistan whose millions of refugees still burden Pakistan's economy.


These enclaves of Kashmiri refugees will straddle the LOC and border belt with Pakistan. India would then push some of their spies and third columnists into Pakistan who would get welcomed as poor Kashmiri refugees. The next step would be to build an enclosing “Netanyahu Wall” around them to hem them in. In the meantime, Modi is already working on undoing Indian Constitution sec 35A, which agrees to the principle of Kashmir for Kashmiris.


With this plan, Modi would “Liberate” Kashmir from the Muslim Kashmiris and settle it with Hindu Pundits and other migrant Hindu fundamentalists from India.

Kashmiris would end up as refugees in ghettoized camps, like Palestinians, and would have to struggle for generations but never get to go back to their homes. Modi or his successor from BJP/RSS could then hold and even win a Plebiscite in Kashmir with the votes of the migrant new-Kashmiris who would replace the indigenous population and rig the voting to keep it in India. That would not only a win for India but also for Israel who would have given a moral defeat to Pakistan but would also secure a huge and lucrative arms market of the biggest arms buyer and the largest democracy in the world as their partner in crime!


Pakistan could make as much noise as it likes but, it would make no difference to the Indian narrative of having to deal with terrorist activity in their own country. Another reason for the deaf ears would be their own economic concerns in that huge lucrative market of India.


At best, the aid agencies would do some lip service and aid to the now homeless, beleaguered internally displaced people from Kashmir living on the border with Pakistan or Azad Kashmir. Whenever possible, some would infiltrate into Pakistan along with some planted Indian agents or spies. Pakistan would gain another one million refugees who would ultimately end up in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Punjab because of language, ethnic and family ties.


Pakistan's Western provinces hosted Afghan refugees and it was a struggle for all Pakistan and now it will be Punjab, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan. The world would make some noise but in the end nothing would happen. Big deal, it would just mean another 1 million Kashmiri Muslim refugees to join the millions from Afghanistan, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc. for over 40 to 70 years.


Is there any solution to this brewing up problem... Yes, there is, and it lies very close to Lahore!!  We need to have a buffer separating us and Kashmir from the rest of India!!