Strongest brand of Pakistan in 70 years. Insaf Blog by Ahmad Jawad | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Imran Khan is undoubtedly the strongest brand ever created by Pakistan. His determination, Charisma & winning against odds is unmatched by anyone in Pakistan. Top 20 milestones accomplished by IK brand. 

1. IK brand inspired & led to win one day World Cup only once in the history.
2. IK brand created biggest & most advance cancer hospital of Pakistan in the history of Pakistan. 
3. IK brand founded first rural area university affiliated with a British University. 
4. IK brand stood as single opposition to Musharraf’s dictatorial rule. Rest of opposition leadership either fled the country and finally returned with NRO. 
5. IK brand single-handedly fought against the terror reign of Altaf Hussain. Today Altaf gone and IK brand riding waves of success. 
6. IK brand exposed and reduced MMA, Diesel & JI to a small political minority in KPK. 
7. IK brand turned 70 years old political force of ANP into ashes. 
8. IK brand led the way to disqualify third time PM and banned from politics for life. 
9. IK brand evaporated PPP’s 50 years old stronghold in Punjab and replaced it with PTI. 
10. IK brand made corruption as top priority of this nation, judiciary & Media. 
11. IK brand defeated the largest party in Senate and forced the second largest party in Senate to follow his choice of Chairman Senate. 
12. IK brand broke the monopoly of media by using Social media and making social media as the largest media. 
13. IK brand first time made GEO/Jung to kneel down in front of him, something which Altaf, Bhuttos, Sharifs, Zardari & Musharraf failed to do. 
14. GEO/Jung first time lost their top slot among Media groups as a result of boycott by PTI. 
15. No media channel or Anchor today can afford to run commercially without IK brand. IK brand is like oxygen for a media group. Anchors & Journalist opposing IK brand lost popularity and shifted to bottom of list. Talat Hussain is now a forgotten name. Hamid Mir had to go to other channels to maintain his media presence since PTI boycotted all GEO talk shows and people stopped watching GEO talk shows without IK brand.New Journalist & anchors gained fame in shortest time just by running pro IK brand talk shows, basically responded to public pulse. 
16. IK brand never paid or obliged media for Media attention or space. Yet Media can’t survive without him. 
17. IK brand has largest recorded following on social media, something which Bilawal and Maryum failed to match even by investing heavily in FB sponsorship. 
18. IK brand changed the culture of a Jalsa by introducing Taranas, Songs & music as part of Jalsa. All parties including religious parties got forced to follow the new culture. 
19. IK brand has created third political force in a country in 70 years, something America, UK and most countries could not achieve. 
20. IK brand turned 1 Lakh per canal land of Bani Gala into 50 Lakh per canal just because of his presence in Bani Gala. 

Anything touched by IK brand becomes gold from Media, anchors, politician, culture and trends.

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