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19th August 2018 the Prime Minister of Pakistan made his maiden address to the nation from PTV at 9:30pm local time. It was heard in the length and breadth of this country. A speech which left common Pakistanis speechless as whatever the prime minister said was what you and I say. Eloquent as he was speaking from his heart. Spoke extempore, the bullet points which he wrote were on a used sheet of paper from a previous photo copy. 

Salient points of our newly elected PM's speech were ::

As PM, he will be taking following privileges;

-3 bedroom house
-2 Helpers/Servants
-2 cars

His Agenda::

- Auction of all bullet proof cars and other luxury cars in the PM house

- All Governor and CM Houses should be directed to minimize their expenses. No Governor or CM shall reside in the Houses.

- PM house shall be utilized for Elite University for research 

-Task Force will be established under Dr. Ishrat to monitor fiscal and monetary policies. Instead these shall be utilized for welfare purposes

-Pakistanis should not rely upon IMF debts but must be self sufficient and self dependent & self reliant from all these debts. Pakistani Nation is now to be dignified.

Implementation for Debt Free Pakistan

1-Tax payment, FBR to be reformed. 

2- Task Force to deal with Plundered money, Money laundering Or Lenders

3- Exports 

4- Investments. PM secretariat shall deal with issues pertaining to Investment.

5- Small Industry Reforms
6- Overseas Pakistani Contributions

 Pakistan Embassies worldwide will be directed to facilitate the Overseas Pakistanis and Resolve their problems. Investment Opportunities in Pakistan are going to be initiated for Overseas Pakistanis. The remittances to relatives should be through proper banking channel.

7- Corruption to be fully pressed. The law is going to be introduced which was primarily enforced in KPK. FIA Reforms to curb corruption and money laundering.

8-  Juctice Accessiblity, Promptness and Responsive. The cases must be decided upon in lesser period of time.

9- Police Reforms based on KPK Police Reforms Model. Mr. Nasir Durrani (ex-IG KPK) is assigned for Police reforms in Punjab.

10- Education Emergency including Madrassa Education.

11- Task Force for Government Hospitals and Healthcare Management. Health Card/Insurance to be introduced all over Pakistan.

12- Water Resource Emergency
The Ministry of Water Resource, shall be responsible to deal with the water issues. Dams shall be constructed with the help of Pakistanis and Overseas Pakistani 

13- Agricultue and Farmer Reforms

14- Civil Service Reforms based on merit systems and on depoliticisation. Right to Service Act shall be introduced for efficiency and Impartiality.

15- Local Bodies Reforms and Empowerment 

16- Youth Empowerment and Reforms
17- Environmental Reforms Plantation of tress all over Pakistan, based on KPK Billion tree Tsunami Project. Campaigns and Policies on Pollution and Cleanliness shall be initiated.

18- Tourism Industry Development all across Pakistan

19- FATA Merger into KPK and various Reforms to be mandated. Balouchistan and South Punjab, Karachi to be administered effectively.
20-  Foreign Policy

21- Pakistan as Welfare State. The policies shall be made to the benefits of unprivileged class, for needy, for old aged & retired people, for handicapped Citizens of Pakistan. Education and Justice to be top priority.

22 - Whistle blower act which was introduced initially in KPK, meaning if someone would point out corruption of the other person in a government institution, he/she will get 25% return. 


-Not doing personal Business (conflict of interest)

-National wealth and assets shall be well protected

Prime Minister's Vision:
insha'Allah, Pakistanis as a nation will witness a country where no one is required to get Zakat Money.

The language in which he delivered this speech was simple, from the heart and zero rhetoric. He pointed out to the stunted growth of 45% children born in Pakistan, which he said meant one in two child suffered from this. Then he referred to the street children as our kids (hamaray bachay) which goes to show he spoke not like a leader but a father of this nation who is concerned about every person living in the country.

Speaking on widows the PM narrated an old incident when he had newly joined politics and he said he felt sad that widows of this country have to face so many hardships at the hands of police, the judicial system etc. He said he will have a meeting with the Chief Justice of Pakistan and discuss how relief can be given to such destitutes of society.

This was a speech never heard before in the history of Pakistan, a speech that has left this nation not only hopeful, but amazed as to how the PM spoke about the same issues in the manner they do in every day life. Previously Pakistanis heard written speeches from PM on TV where Bhutto's Shahadat, sacrifices for democracy were stressed upon. Previously this nation would hear the fables of how magically motorways metro and orange train were introduced with special emphasis on how democracy was being protected by those who never understood the meaning of this word "for the people, by the people and of the people". Previously this nation heard how the leaders went to jail for their sake. [Never did they mention the jail was recieved by them due to their own corruption]

Today Prime Minister Imran Khan articulately showed us:: 

 (a) Where we are
 (b) Where we need to go, and 
 (c) How we get there. 

Those who voted for him exactly know his potential, they know the strong will Khan posseses which was evident from his world cup days and his 22 years of political journey.

Those who are new to Khan's message are dumbfounded. Both are Pakistanis but the expectations of the masses from Khan have been raised. He is a genuine statesman who has actually given a new HOPE to the people of Pakistan, specially the educated lower middle class. 

Prayers and best wishes for our new Prime Minister, as he said you become my team. Yes we are your team sir and we stand by you to resolve every issue in Pakistan.

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