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Since the ouster of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistani Awam (people) have been on a roller coaster of an emotional journey. The "Regime change" is a well-scripted play written and produced by Americans, directed by the handlers and supervised by so-called Neutrals and Establishment; it went on air in Apr-2022 with the first episode of the "No-Confidence Vote" petition against PM Imran Khan.

The main Character, PDM (an alliance of mainstream political parties), was busy setting up the atmosphere and projecting their majority based on their deal strikes with MQM and BAP along with PTI's dissident members before the launch. Even though Khan lost his majority, he was confident that his "Foreign interference" narrative would bail him out.

The first episode aired on 3rd April 2022, showing federal Minister Fawad Chaudhary endorsing the "No Confidence Motion" as a fundamental right of opposition though he denied the petition telling the Deputy Speaker that they decoded the "Cipher" of the US ambassador, expressing that the "Regime Change" is an act of external involvement and requested the Speaker to nullify the petition as per article 5.1 which narrates as "Loyalty to the State is the basic duty of every citizen".

All eyes were on the deputy speaker "Qasim Suri", millions watching and listening to him; the deputy stated, "No power has authority to do planning against people elected government"; therefore, based on external power's interference, he is giving his ruling to disapprove the "no-confidence" petition and declared this complicity as non-constitutional.

This was witnessed by millions of Khan's supporters watching it live locally and internationally. In the immediate next scene, Imran Khan addresses the nation and advises President "Arif Alivi" to dissolve the assemblies; the next stage is followed by the President's order for the dissolution of the assemblies

The opposition was shocked about what happened with their well-calculated script. After recovering from the shock, the opposition decided to knock on supreme court doors, declaring the ruing of Qasim Suri as non-constitutional

So far, so good, win-win situation for Khan's supporters, but the script has something else to show the audience before the end of episode-1. The shadow Character, "The Supreme Court of Pakistan", reacts to ensure the script goes well and takes Suo Motu's notice of the political situation, leaving the audience with mixed emotions of shock, surprise, and anger!

The Second Episode aired on 7th April 2022, showing the entire Pakistan gripped in suspense for four days waiting anxiously for the supreme court's decision. The panel of judges hearing the ruling of Deputy Speaker "Qasim Suri" and dissolution of assemblies finally concluded, expressing the act of dissolving assemblies as "Un-Constitutional" and instructed the Speaker to reinstate the "No-Confidence motion" and to continue the voting process as a legitimate right of opposition.

This supreme court decision opens a discussion on the supremacy of Parliament and the Supreme Court's authority overruling the Speaker's decision. Khan reacted to the conclusion and tweeted, saying, "He will fight till the last ball" and will address the nation!

The Third Episode – Execution of Regime Change

Asad Qaiser, the Speaker of the Parliament, started the session by obeying the supreme court's order to reinstate the "no-confidence" petition. Members from both sides, i.e. opposition and government, began the speeches. Speaker Asad Qaiser tried his best to play delay tactics by conducting the session in intervals. Pakistani Awam, media, and institutes all were fully charged and engaged. PTI and Khan supporters and even Imran Khan knew the result of the no-confidence voting, though all had some hope and believed that someone would not let this happen and would manage to sabotage this opposition's dream!

When the hero of the previous episode Qaism Suri started his speech, he looked angry. Firstly he instructed the members to maintain the decorum of Parliament. Then he stated that his ruling against no-confidence voting was briefly discussed and debated across Pakistan in the last few days. He emphasized his full responsibility and took that decision as a patriotic Pakistani and as guardian of the Parliament.

He was vocally discussing the "Cipher",  annoyed that Pakistan is threatened to face the consequences of regime change not being successful. At the same time, Pakistan will be forgiven if Imran Khan is removed as Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was expressive, stating that no-confidence voting is non-constitutional, and he still stands by his decision. He urged everyone to understand the "game" had been set up to destabilize Pakistan. This speech kept the hope alive for Khan's supporters.

Still, many actions happened in the last interval, indicating that some shadow actors were busy executing the script and ensuring Khan's exit. Who was controlling the media, and who was making decisions? People (Awam) slowly realize that the one they believe will come to rescue them looks like they are part of the script or rather could be the one who is the shadow actor of the play.

Late that night, news circulated that Imran khan was going to replace "Gn. Bajwa". This news was followed by an immediate announcement from the Supreme court that the courts would be open to challenging Khan's decision. More drama to the script when the Awam heard that the Prisoner van was found outside the PM house. This has made many people think that everyone is playing the puppet role of obeying the master.

At last, Speaker Asad Qaiser called back to PM's house. After that, he resigned, stating that being loyal to Khan and his old companion, he would not be able to continue as Speaker and handed over the change to the opposition. With his dismissal, the new Speaker, "Ayaz Saddiq" continued the no-confidence voting and announced the petition's success.

Imran Khan, while leaving the PM's house, stated, "Is there anyone left who is not against me" these words shocked the entire nation. Pakistanis came out on roads, not just in Pakistan but other parts of the world, to support Khan and protest against this ouster.

Social media, especially Twitter, flooded with the #imported_hakoomat_namanzoor hashtag. On the other side, the scriptwriters celebrated the success and applauded their selected actors who worked hard and gave them this mega success.

At the end of the Episode, PTI members have resigned from the Parliament, hoping for a free and fair election emphasizing that regime change is an act of external interference, stressing that no one else, the people of Pakistan, have the right to choose the "Chief Executive" of the country!


Last Episode of Season-1

As Khan said, "I will be more dangerous when will sit in opposition" he started his campaign against the "Imported Government", demanding a fresh election. Awam(people) responded well, and Pressure began on the new imported government and their shadow executors. They realized that with this coup, Imran Khan regained more popularity. With the new election, he would probably form the government with a two-thirds majority, giving him more power for legislation and reforms.

Since then, the mastermind and executor have been trying to bring each day a new issue for Awam to keep them engaged in new topics, news and conspiracy to deviate them from the actual problem, which is "Conspiracy against the elected Government" and slow down the momentum build by Khan for #imported_Government

But with time, Awam realizes the strings are attached to some external power, the existence of black sheeps in the system who were not new players. They have always been there and worked for their masters to ensure the system's instability, keeping people engaged in necessities rather than letting them flourish and develop themselves. The black sheeps have never allowed democracy to succeed in its true essence "The government of people, ruled by them and should work for the betterment of people of Pakistan." People feel connected to Khan's narrative of "Ghulami Namanzoor." and believe more strongly that it's "Him" vs the rest of the system!.

They feel more committed, dedicated and responsible to speak for their rights, for the sovereignty of their beloved country "Pakistan". The fight against the current system and the fight against external power controlling and deciding their future will be continued … 

"Main in ko Rulaonga!" Khan was right then, and he is right now!

Season-2 – to be continued!

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