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I was so glad to read the "Bird's Eye View Article" written in the Dawn by Adnan Rasool, the self-proclaimed Expert on China and Southeast Asia, who was apparently sitting on the shoulders of the Chinese high-ups, reading their minds, their plans and their hearts, while also sitting in Georgia State University working on his PhD!! His bird eye view reminded me of Najam Sethi, the original "Chiryawali Sarkar" aka "The Birdman of Alcatraz"! All Sarcasm intended!!

The Dawn, since it started Leaking, has fast become like the Dusk – attracting only Editorials of Doom and Gloom for Pakistan (ever since Nawaz Sharif, the Scion of the shining Sun Dynasty of Patwaristan, has set)!!

Read any recent Dawn editorial and you will not read even one word of praise for anything that Imran Khan or his cabinet have done or achieved, despite inheriting all the Ishaq Dar created financial woes, the 30 years of loot, plunder, and the accumulated effects of mismanagement!! Forget the praise... There isn't even one word of hope, or a word of advice and encouragement! This shows an extreme bias that reeks of interests contrary to the interests of Pakistan. The best one sees in Dawn are articles that stoop to spread pure conjecture or toss around unadulterated innuendo that serve no purpose in our attempts to reach the truth.

A persistent negative attitude reflects on motives other than constructive criticism.
It is not just one Dawn editorial but the whole Dawn attitude thing... Starting from Al-Maida Leaking and now tweeting; and the constant slants in every news item dealing with Imran Khan and his team's performances!!

Adnan Rasool, (Khuda aur Rasool ko maano)... Imran Khan and team are the ones who had five days of parleys with the Chinese hierarchy but you are the man sitting tight in Georgia U, who has all the insider link to all the information and clues while sipping your tea and dunking your cookies in it!! 

I was amazed to see that you found no fault in the CPEC when it was all messed up, (cutbacks and all) by the man who needed a mouthpiece to speak a simple three-phase schoolboy sentence of higher than... deeper than... etc.


How much importance can we, the simple-minded Pakistani readers, give to a totally one sided analysis which had hardly any "ysis" in it??

The writer states that CPEC is just a small portion of BRI. While I make no claims to be an expert on either the BRI or the CPEC, what I see is the huge hue and cry from all quarters of the world against the CPEC and Gwadar Port!! I know very simple logic... What bugs your enemy must be a very good Bugs Bunny for us!! 

India and its Dawn friends and other nefarious enemies of China-Pakistan collaboration have been shouting themselves hoarse, have lost their sleep, and started trying all dirty tricks of the 4th, 5th and 6th generation wars! I don't have a suspicious mind but it means to me that: Dal mey kuch Kala hai! (There is something Black in the Lentil!) Infact, I even think that it may be Kaley mein kuch Dal hai!! (There is some Lentil in the Black)!! And you Adnan, are the Kala without any Dal!

The very pseudo-scholarly denunciation of PM Imran Khan's mission to China that has been attempted by Adnan Rasool in calling it a "Total Failure" makes me doubt his motives because the pictorial and written evidence coming from China is that of a breakthrough success.

Adnan talks of the Chinese Dream of President Xi, wishing for willing partners in China growth. What's wrong with being partners in a dream with friends whose friendship has passed the test of time? We have been partners with the Chinese on many projects and they have stood by us through the proverbial thick and thin. 

Isn't this better than being slaves of those whom we wanted to befriend (Remember Ayub Khan's poignant plea of "Friends, Not Masters") They always wanted more but, never gave anything but peanuts in return...

We started the friendship and turned our back on old USSR, only to get shot through the heart (Liaqat Ali Khan). Ever since then we have been dropped from the frying pan into the fire at every moment of need, be it 65, or 71 or thereafter. Even till the end... when the aircraft we had paid for were blocked, the expenses we had incurred on the war on terror were not paid. Suddenly, from a most favoured nation, we were replaced by India for whom there are no Amendments or Cavee-at 

We should actually thank these friends when they need because that taught us self-reliance, looking for real friends and new alliances.

The only people who ever benefited from those old Masters relationship were those who "moneylaundered" Billions in ill-gotten gains (and invested in business and properties abroad), or those who became the Sold Agents and lying mouthpieces of that Master or those who sat listening to and obeying His Master's Voice! 

You did admit that, "If China keeps doing well, so will everyone else in that community." So, the truth did slip out in a backhanded way. As an "Expert" on China and Southeast Asia do you foresee any possible way for China not doing well? Will that not mean that we, the partners also do well? The Day of the Dollar is setting and the Yuan is taking over soon.

I'm no expert of economics either but, again, I'm a layman with a little bit of that not very common commodity called sense. Enlighten me if I'm wrong in believing that common markets, pipelines, trade relationships, provision of passage to partners (senior or junior) and participate in a profitable venture will bring more economic rewards than sitting on our haunches waiting for IMF handouts and World Bank Loans?

The problem are those people who are incapable of comprehending the simple logic of being friends and partners and not exploitable slaves.

Haven't things changed from your Doomsday scenario of "China will hand over cash and Pakistan can get back to wasting it" (For wasting, read pilfering!) Wake up, man, haven't you noticed that there is a new Captain on the block, who won't allow for any waste or pilfering! The Chinese know it, we know it but, you are still thinking that it will be Nawaz Sharif stealing, wasting and laundering it abroad.

Signing of 15 MoUs with Imran Khan in one 5 day visit are many more MoUs than were ever achieved by the man needing slips of cheat notes just to say "Thank You" Do you seriously believe that the very sharp Chinese leadership had a high opinion of the previous two or three governments. The signs of mistrust were evident when they preferred to have assurances from the present and previous Army Chiefs! No longer... The Chief wasn't there, or hadn't you noticed?

In the span of five short days they have signed 15 MoU with PM Imran Khan is a sign of their confidence and does not in any way signal a failure of the visit!! 

That's no cold shoulder to Imran Khan, although it may have given quite a few cold shudders to Mian Nawaz Sharif, India and others opposed to Pakistan and Imran Khan!!

If CPEC is not an important component of BRI then why are the Chinese, Russians and others so keen on it? Even more importantly, why are the remaining Powers and Wannabe Powers trying so hard to block it? Should we laugh at the writer's assertion that Pakistan is only important because of its geographical location! Naturally, the geopolitical location of a good friend and trustworthy partner is very important but, take away Gwadar and that would mean the absence of a very vital and essential link to the whole initiative.

My expertise is in Behavioural Sciences. I'm good at reading between the lines, reading body language, and also reading ulterior motives in one-sided writings. Adnan sounds like a #PenForSale Nawaz Sharif Campaign Manager who would, during Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz or Mian Nawaz Sharif government, be harping on the extreme importance of CPEC for the Chinese and what a remarkable deal the Great Leader Nawaz Sharif had created from which Pakistan would be the greatest beneficiary. 

Adnan Rasool now has nothing but negativism even though a new deal is being worked out and specially because Nawaz Sharif kickbacks are being cutout.

Here I'm reminded of the 1965 movie "My Fair Lady" in which Eliza Doolittle in her Cockney Accent said, "Jus eu wa-it 'Enry 'Iggins; jus eu wa-it" (Just you wait Adnan Rasool; just you wait... and we will all see what happens and CPEC takes off in the near future!!)