PTI’s positives - Insaf Blog by Sarah Ahmad. | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


I WOULD like to share what has been really happening in Islamabad and not being reported. Our Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared before the Senate, diplomacy succeeded and the blasphemous cartoon competition in the Netherlands was cancelled.


Besides, the restructuring of the Federal Bureau of Revenue is on, the NBP president involved in money laundering has been removed, and 10 billion-tree plantation has been initiated.


A mechanism for building five million houses and the creation of 10million jobs are being discussed. Holy Quran education has been made compulsory in schools. There will be free rail travel for people above 75 years of age and 50 percent discount for those who are above 65 years.


The fact is the PTI’s newly formed government has done many positive things in the last 14 days that no one is talking about. But we cannot seem to get over how much it costs for Imran Khan to travel in a helicopter from office to home and whether this is austerity or not.


Sarah Ahmad