Paradigm Shift - Insaf Blog by Ahmed Janjua | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Pakistani politics is a complicated topic yet not so different from world’s politics which is beset by prejudice & factionalism. Even though politics in this country is unique but it brings into play so many factors including discrete interests, demographic factors, religion & other inconsequential issues. Politics is a very integral part of democracy and in order to achieve tenable development, we need to redefine politics parameters. Democracy in Pakistan will hopefully continue to explore her political leadership scene within & outside the country so as to foreground the unambiguous political maturity. The current political system must be reshaped for it to be accepted by all political stakeholders. Pakistan has been through political turmoil since its birth for whatever reasons that lead many to believe that ruling elite is focused more towards meeting their personal goals than helping nation grow out of socio-economic problems. The question arises, how do we gain political maturity for politics to be accepted as managerial tool, in elevating average citizen’s life style rather than being used as an apparatus in ruling them? The answer is not so complicated i.e. the political maturity of a country is measured by what citizens willing to do for themselves & one another. Politics is actually an opinion about management of a government executed in the favor of a nation. This rhetoric, however, in this part of the world has been executed in favor of public office holders that had repercussions on economy, GDP, Physical Capital and overall fundamentals of Pakistan’s stakes in the region in particular, purely because power has never been used to invest on human capital. The use of subtle tactics including fear-mongering, using governments’ funds, directly or indirectly, appointments in key offices based on personal choices with less or no parameters met, Incumbents enjoyed advantages against challenges simply because of increased name recognition that flows from the public office they hold. This precedent changed the politics & its mechanics, resulting an overall shift in impression of the nature of politics in Pakistan. Masses are moved by the political brands instead of being moved by diversity available to them in political structure. Imran khan has been calling the shots on change in political approach in Pakistan. From being a sportsman to a Politician, his journey has had many bumpy rides but he didn’t give into it, this in fact made him stronger & persistent. The reason why other political elite has been against his political ideology, is because he eyeballed the conventional political structure insisting a shift from strengthening political system and not the political brands. Ever since PTI formed government there are many controversies that made current government go defensive however Khan is Hopeful his policies & team will bring in a significant change in otherwise staggering economy. He knows he had been criticizing eccentric policies of previous governments and now that PTI is in power in center & two provinces, leaves him no choice but to make things move in the right direction. His primary focus is to help stabilize economy for which he might take some unpopular decisions, decisions that may spark controversies with a strong reaction from public. With PTI being only party challenging status-quo in Pakistani political horizon, followers tend to own Khan and everything he does not just as a politician but as an individual. They tend to own decisions made by Khan & own the repercussions of any unpopular decisions because they feel Khan’s political endeavor is close to their hearts. This has never happened in Pakistan before because no leader ever before emphasized on strengthening institutions, something this nation is hungry for. His initiatives to start austerity campaign, abolition on Prime Minister’s discretionary fund, not opting to reside in Prime Minister’s house & donation appeal for building dams to deal with water scarcity, makes him sound like the best choice for his voters & those who otherwise realized these measures will do wonders in terms of giving economy a breather & setting a precedent for the future. His take on giving economy a boost, is conspicuous. Economy determines a nation’s fate & all other factors revolve around it. Few years ago, the best predictor of a country’s economy was physical capital which has changed now with a shift from conventional manufacturing to innovation & knowledge making human capital a bigger contributor towards elevating economic situation. These dynamics are not limited to Pakistan only. The Bangalore region in India has innovation-driven dynamic economy with productivity growing faster than the Silicon Valley while other states lag behind. Shanghai, China per capita income has reached close to a rich nation. A research body suggests that a country’s economic growth depends more on ecosystem that surrounds its nation than the physical capital. That’s exactly what Imran Khan has been pitching ever since. There’s a great hope for Imran Khan that he can gather significant support for his economic programs that can elevate people from poverty. The fact remains that our past political leadership have portrayed themselves as custodians of nation’s interests with tendency in feeding fat on national political misadventures that led to widespread misfortunes of the people of this country. However Imran Khan understands, in order to come out of economic disaster, his team needs to work on human capital rather physical capital. He believes in investing in individuals e.g. providing equal education standards, access to basic needs & access to success based on their qualification, unlike traditional politicians that worked more on making their regime stronger. Khan understands global economy is becoming local which means the growing forking between the well-educated citizens and the rest of the world points to one the most arousing anomaly of our age. Khan has a lot on his mind; he plans to bring in reforms in education system, police, health care, tourism, eco-system & environmental sustainability. It’s an established fact he has to take some unpopular decisions to yield results. He craves to have faith in his vision & his team and demands sometime before his policy can be judged. He wishes to reshape our political system that is consumed by polarization for that he has the understanding that the shortcomings directly affect ability to solve problems. The perception that our system is increasingly shaping the way, the world perceives, he has to make some bold decisions, some unpopular decisions, for that he wishes to be judged by the results & not decisions. He knows it’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are. Faith must be enforced by reason; Khan has given many reasons to its countrymen to have faith in his decisions for that he promises to serve the people of this country by the powers vested in by the people of this country- His country.