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Night that turned the tables on the imported govt, will not only keep them tossing and turning in their beds for a long time to come but will also be marked as a turning point in the history of the struggle for real liberation of Pakistan. A handful of unarmed volunteers, equipped with nothing else but relentless passion and faith, guarding their beloved leader Imran Khan, were attacked with full might of the state. The force included, in addition to the regular police of five districts, paramilitary troops from the constabulary and rangers. They came armed to the teeth – rubber bullets, batons, tear gas shells, mostly expired and water cannons. To what end? Serve a magistrate’a warrant, if anything could be more tragic!



It was a long night indeed,  surrounded all around not only by the pitch black darkness of the night but also by the thick black clouds of poisonous gas. What made it even worse was the unproportionate and excessive use of force, aimed at striking shock, awe and terror in the hearts of the handful present at Zaman Park. They were up for an utter shock. They would soon realise that the rugged journey of last one decade had transformed the hitherto labelled burger party into a hard and resilient force. What a fight, these handful of brave comrades, I would like to call them the vanguard of Pakistan’s battle for real liberation, put! Remarkably resilient, fearless in attack & resolute in defense – this fight will go down in history as the first street victory over the dark forces of fascism. 


One extremely encouraging factor seen that night was the unity amongst these people. It was treat to watch people from different social backgrounds, different ethnicities, different provinces, speaking different languages, fighting shoulder to shoulder against a common opponent, unfortunately which happened to be the culprits that have occupied our motherland. The scribe, being a foot soldier of this battle witnessed many remarkable things, the most encouraging of which was that for the first time in our lifetimes we saw building of a nation. There were no Punjabis, no Balochis, no Sindhis, no Pakhtoons or Kashmiris, Gilgitis – they were all Pakistanis fighting together for one cause – the real liberation of Pakistan. This miracle had to happen one day and what a beautiful sight that it occurred when we needed it the most. It was do or die that night. 
Victory that night may have saved us all, our future and our sovereignty. 

We all, as a nation, are indebted to the heroes of that night. It was their heroic defense that saved Pakistan from its greatest loss – that of losing Pakistan's most precious asset, Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi.

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