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Obstacles To Electoral Reforms in Pakistan - Insaf Blog


The stability of democracy in Pakistan depends largely on elections. In Pakistan, after every election, there have been widespread allegations of rigging, distortion of the electoral process by the establishment, and so on. In general, electoral reform has always been aimed at institutional improvement of the Election Commission of Pakistan and its functioning autonomy. The process of electoral reform should not be limited to the Election Commission of Pakistan. Because election fraud takes place on three different levels.

Before the election, on election day and after the election. The field is usually paved for favorite personalities and parties before the election. This includes the transfer of officers and the appointment of preferred officers. These include changes in constituencies, changes in voters. Some parties obtain information by conducting special surveys in order to get the desired results. Propaganda is carried out through government agencies.

And so the way is paved for your favorite party and candidates. The bureaucracy, especially the police officers and the education department, have a significant role to play in this process. The second is a soft corner for favorite personalities on election day, winning the favor of a favorite face by wasting the votes of others. Sometimes polling stations where the opposing candidate has a large vote bank include blocking early polling, holding staff hostage, and forcing voters to cast their ballots. They have the full support of the police, education and the bureaucracy.

The third important thing is the pressure to form a government of the party of choice through the secret services after the election, the kidnapping of candidates in the past by Changa Manga and other "kidnappings" at rest houses. The process of electoral reform has begun under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan to bring transparency in the elections. These include electronic voting machines for transparency in elections and the right to vote for overseas Pakistanis.

These are the two factors. Which is very important Because electronic voting currently exists in 19 countries around the world in one form or another. Because when everywhere and everything can be possible through electronic devices. So why not vote? Because the vote is a trust. The vote is a testimony. Concealing testimony is a crime. Therefore, stealing votes is like concealing testimony which is haraam. Which is a violation of social life and social rights. According to a report released by the Bureau of Immigration, the number of overseas Pakistanis has exceeded 11 million.

The majority of Pakistanis living abroad are experienced craftsmen. Who earn money in different countries of the world and send it to Pakistan. Which is playing a very important role in the national economy. In these difficult days of Karuna, overseas Pakistanis have consistently sent  2 billion a month home for the past ten months. In the month of March, the figure of two billion was crossed. Giving the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis is their legal right.

By giving them the right, their confidence can be restored. But unfortunately, the opposition parties and the Election Commission of Pakistan have become an obstacle in the way of this bill. There is an urgent need to bring transparency in the elections through electoral reforms in the country. Political parties should also be required to promote democracy and transparency within the parties. Elections should be supervised by an impartial commission. An effective system of check and balance is the need of the hour because the only successful nations in the world today are those where there is the rule of law and an effective system of check and balance. Reforms within institutions need time. Therefore, the Pakistani nation demands that the process of electoral reform be approved by the Assembly immediately so that fair elections can be held in the country.