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Since when is a Right Turn a U-Turn?

I can see social media platforms and news channels debating about Imran Khan’s change of choice regarding the caretaker. The elections are near and quite literally, the heat of it and the scorching sun can be felt. Let us take a step back and end the sudden “U-Turn” debate that has taken the media and its people by storm. The system says that the chief minister and the opposition leader are both to mutually decide on the name of the ‘caretaker’ who shall be in charge for three months. Now, let us emphasize on the aspect that this conclusion has to be agreed upon from both sides and unless signed or stamped, can be altered if any loopholes or conflicting scenarios arise. Coming back to the present tale, Nasir Khosa – a well-known name in the political world, was the name that both the parties agreed to. After a while, it came to be known that when Nawaz Sharif’s Panama case was going on, he was called in an attempt to talk things out with his brother who is a judge at Supreme Court. Things did not work out in Nawaz’s favor back then and why should they work out in his favor now, considering that evidence that might even be rumored has come into account. Moving forward, the media also reported that Mr. Khosa wanted a post in World Bank and he was told by Sbaz Shareef to hold his horses, as he’d be given an important post in the near future. With such allegations and declarations being made, how is it not vital for the decision of him being the caretaker to be looked upon again? Imran Khan did precisely that: keeping into thought all that mentioned above, he took his decision back, noting the fact that no statement had been signed and the agreement was merely verbal. Now, some beings who were excited to have Nasir on board have lost their temper commenting on PTI’s decision to take the name back. The story is simple and the turn is right but of course, with all decisions come consequences and individuals seeking such opportunities, which can be seen now. Let us take another example. When in KPK, the opposition had an issue with Imran Khan meeting the nominated chief minister, Imran Khan agreed to disregarding the current decision and taking new names aboard because well, what’s the issue in that? And now, in Punjab if the same thing is happening and PTI has agreed that their calculations weren’t right, what’s wrong in disregarding Mr. Khosa’s name, I ask the opposition? Is it because Punjab is the real game?

Sarah Ahmad

Deputy Information Secretary