Myth Making in Pakistani Politics By Raja Akhlaq Janjua | PTI | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Yesterday, when I was talking with a friend about the Panama Papers Case and current political situation in Pakistan, my friend said “Imran Khan is a Jew Agent”. Once I made a cold shoulder cut, but then the discussion changed its direction to the conspicuous post election rigging accusations by Imran Khan and his call for the establishment of an autonomous judicial commission to enquire into election rigging for which he did longest Dharna in the political history of Pakistan. Again he said something interesting “The Dharna or sit-in was backed by ISI.” This again made me in Sixes and Sevens.

I asked a question to myself that how can a person that is "sponsored by Jews" be backed by Pakistani ISI to do a dharna against sitting Govt?
The answer was very simple; actually these are the folk tales which PMLN wanted its henchmen to believe in.
Another myth we hear often is that ‘Imran Khan is a Taliban Agent’. Now again the same question arises; how can a single person can be an agent of ISI, Jews & Taliban simultaneously?

Due to illiteracy at its highest and lack of critical thinking, people are inclined to place confidence in everything what their commanders want them to believe.

Myth-making is an integral part of politics, especially in Pakistan. If we glance at the political history of Pakistan since 90s, we will arrive at a bitter end to know that both the largest parties of that time used it as their essential weapon. One can see PMLN/PPP attributes are most influenced by these fairy tales. I would like to give a few more examples of widely accepted myths which lack circumstantial affirmation to hold them.

‘Imran Khan is a U-turn Khan’. We often hear this expression whenever Imran Khan chooses to alter his course of action which categorically is not a U-turn but a strategic change in position to hunt down the objective. The definition of U-turn is to revert back from your stance and objective. For example, from ‘We will drag Asif Ali Zardari on the roads of Larkana, Lahore & Karachi’ to ‘Shahbaz Sharif apologizes to Asif Ali Zardari for pre-election burst’ is the mother of U-turns!

Now coming to the latest fairy tale trending everywhere, which many people believe just because of the massive marketing campaign by PMLN. Now days, we are accustomed to hear that Pakistan economy is growing very fast. All PMLN markets in this regard are increased foreign reserves and growing trend of stock exchange due to better law & order situation courtesy Zarb-e-Azab. But the fact is that all important economic indicators to measure the strength of an economy, i.e. FDI, Overseas remittances, Exports is on declining. So, this fairytale story is another speculation which only ignorant can believe without digging deep into facts.

If anyone suspects why PPP and PMLN did not spent much in education during their time, they should realize that PPP and PMLN actually wanted their devotees to be uneducated and ignorant to believe in everything they advocate to them, otherwise if the people get educated, these parties will be no more in the political arena of Pakistan. Emergence of media and social media is a new beginning which has played a very important role to tell people what is truth and what is not.