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Malnutrition, mortality and stunted growth of children are the most serious issues of the hour across the world. These issues are happening because of absolute deficiency of one or more nutrition. Pakistan has one of the highest pervasiveness of malnutrition in children as compared to other developing countries. According to a recent National Nutrition Survey, 33% of all children are under weight, 45% of all children have stunted growth, 15% are wasted and 50% are anemic. These issues were highlighted by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in his victory speech several months ago where he showed his concerns on ill health of our children.

Healthy development is a fundamental right of a child of an independent state. Unfortunately in Pakistan a majority is suffering with malnutrition because of nutritional deficiencies and lack of proper nutrition guide. Reasons are simple to understand; they are not getting  sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals according to weight and size, hence our children have low or weak IQ level which becomes a hurdle for them in getting education, affecting job productivity in future which has direct impact on GDP of our country. This malnutrition leads the child towards stunted growth which prevents a child to reach his potential height and more alarmingly it’s reasoning of poor mental growth. Our children are our future. When a child is born, his very first 1000 days are more important to protect him from stunted growth. Six month of his birth he needs a sufficient amount of nutrition from breast milk. Thus pregnant women and nursing mothers should be directed towards fortified diet to help reducing this alarming situation of stunted growth in Pakistan. 

    Nature is always very caring to God's  creatures. Allah has Blessed us a miracle plant/tree “MORINGA” which is amazingly nutritional-dense super food to prevent human beings from hunger and malnutrition.   

    MORINGA is a rapid growing, drought resistant tree. MORINGA grows best in tropical and subtropical climate and requires 250-300mm rainfall and grown best on loamy and sandy soil of 5-9 PH value. Altitude for MORINGA is 0-2000mm. India is the largest producer of MORINGA and more than 300 diseases were treated with MORINGA in India. West Bengal, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Central America and various oceanic countries are the cultivators of MORINGA. In Taiwan MORINGA is vigorously cultivating in world vegetable center. It is also a very common plant in Pakistan but we are not well aware of its benefits. Let’s have a glance on its marvelous benefits.

Different parts of MORINGA are edible such as its leaf, seeds, fruits, flowers and roots but its leaves are richer in nutrition and have been used medically for almost 4000 years.


One leaf of MORINGA contains seven times more vitamin C than in an orange, four times more vitamin A than a carrot, four times more calcium than a 250 ml glass of milk, three times more potassium than a banana, iron than in spinach and three times more vitamin E than Almond. Detailed nutrition fact about one leaf of MORINGA is given in the table.

MORINGA is a Redeemer Plant 
which helps to get rid of numerous diseases and diet deficiencies.
It contains glucose modifying anti diabetic properties which normalize blood sugar.
It protects human beings from hypercholesterolemia and hyperglycemia.
It is a nutrition rich content for infants of six months and older, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It increases breast milk supply.
Its leaves have high iron content which help to prevent anemia.

MORINGA has 18 of 20 amino acids with 9 essential acids are making great source of protein.
Consumption of MORINGA leaves increases mental clarity, improves sleep disorders and improves vision.

MORINGA has strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight with several types of infections and is used for healing wounds and insect bites.  

It is an anti-cancer agent.
It is an anti-ulcer leaf.
It helps to improve digestion and regulate chronic constipation issues.
It helps to protecting liver.
Treat urinary disorders and kidney stones.
Treats severe headache like migraine.
 Very beneficial for joints pain
It helps to promote beautiful skin and hair growth
It helps to reduce extra fat but it does not mean for skinny people wouldn’t use MORINGA, it has dual effects.

MORINGA itself is a clinic as it contains 92 nutrients, 46 anti- oxidant, 36 anti-inflammatory agents and 18 amino acids. What else a human wants for a balance diet?

Recipes for using MORINGA

There are several recipes of MORINGA are used in our Desi kitchen such as pickle of its drum sticks and roots, curry and vegetable soups. We can use MORINGA powder in our daily meal as we use turmeric powder in curries and rice etc. MORINGA TEA is also a way to take more of these nature's goodness in our daily routine. I am using MORINGA herbal tea on daily basis. There are certain recipes that are available on internet to prepare MORINGA tea.

MORINGA and Government of Pakistan

I request our minister of environment and ministry of health to promote MORINGA tree plantation and bring social awareness on MORINGA benefits country wise. I urge Prime Minister Imran Khan to study in his spare time about the health benefits of this plant in detail so that he can help his nation to get rid off stunted growth and malnutrition.

Images source: sche wellness MORINGA tea, zuzka light,Shaka vansiya ayurveda, a healthy leaf