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Like most Pakistani’s, I also sat down in front of the television to listen to the PM of Pakistan meeting/briefing the senior journalists/anchors of the Pakistani media. I guess I expected some worthwhile suggestions/observations coming forth that would help the Government of Pakistan, the Prime Minister and other officials to overcome existing shortcomings on how to combat this prevailing life threatening Corona Virus. These media personnel are always at the forefront of shaping public opinion and the guiding force on all important public interest issues. All that I could conclude at the end of the briefing was that “I am/must be naïve”. The less said about it the better it would be for my sanity and peace of mind.

I fear that we as people (Not Nation) lack education, those who are educated; degree holders lack grooming, method and understanding of how things are analyzed, processed and implemented. Most of all, we have no idea how a discussion is conducted in an open forum, we are so convinced and set in our mindset that any logic or counter argument that does not gel with our theory is wrong and hence unacceptable. We are not ready to listen to anybody.  The journalists were all given individual chances to ask their questions, all did, not one, I repeat not one allowed the panel to give a complete answer without being interrupted or prompted. The concept of decorum, norms or good manners is glaringly absent. I sensed an element of personal interest’s projection and undue emphasis on freedom of speech and press, all issues I feel were better left for another time. That is a separate debate altogether.  

The world today is faced with the Corona Virus pandemic of immense proportions. China is claiming that it has successfully eradicated the virus; I would beg to differ with this victory claim, as long as there is one infected person in the world, the eradication claim by any country in the world is invalid. We already know that this virus multiplies at an alarming rate. Today’s world is a Global Village and no closed borders can be enforced indefinitely. Trade and travel cannot be stopped. The only solution is to find/develop suitable medication. The efforts are already underway. The sooner we find the antidote the better it would be to go back to normal. However, I must say, the old NORMAL may well be modified, such will be an impact and fallout of this scourge we call COVID-19.

In the end I would say that I am at least satisfied that we have Imran Khan at the helm of affairs in office handling multiple challenges facing Pakistan. From all the political leadership that we have in Pakistan, there is nobody on whom I could place my trust to stand firm, tall and honest to guide Pakistan through these trying times. He is the only one who cannot be bought or browbeat into doing anything contrary to the interests of Pakistan. Can the same be said about Nawaz, Shahbaz, Mirriam, Zardari, Bilawal, Fazal ur Rehman etc etc.

Time to do some honest soul searching, beyond personal interests and glory.