KHAN- The Dreamer & An Eagle-Poem by Asim Khan | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Stood like a giant,
As the world witnessed,
In silence of its trance 
The famous riot 
As fear drifted 
From the hearts and mind 
As the Nation listened,
To An eagle and dreamer 
In union, rhythm and its symphony 
As the famous backdrop, 
Provided the perfect slot 
The Minar and the mosque 
Rise like a Sun
As it traverses 
Through its labour 
The life,
In its oxygen mist
Break these years 
Of enslavement  and corruption 
Take off those shackles 
Rise with a fire in your fist  
No more to the lingering days 
Of plunder and injustice 
Rise up, O people 
Never falter 
For your rights and its claim 
Stood there like a giant 
The dreamer and an eagle 
As they chanted in color 
The slogans of change and freedom
Inscription upon my soul with its promise,
Of conscience in the realm of light 
Carry this fight to the last drop 
Of my blood and passion 
In service and gratitude 
To the people of Pakistan.

Written by Asim Khan

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