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In a world plagued by the suppression of truth and freedom by those in authority, Imran Khan shines as a ray of hope for the people of Pakistan with his unwavering words, 'The winds of change are blowing in the political landscape of Pakistan,' have served as a clarion call for justice against the government's ruthless efforts to stifle his party and his workers. With his leadership, the “Jail Bharo Threek” (fill the jail movement), has been launched, intensifying pressure on political adversaries to hold free and fair elections sooner rather than later." 
With his stinging words of condemnation, Chairman Imran Khan exposes the oppressive tactics employed by the government and establishment to silence his party members, lodging false cases and subjecting them to brutal custodial torture in violation of their fundamental human rights. The PTI leader vehemently decries the lack of impartiality in the caretaker governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, calling out the biased inclusion of anti-PTI individuals. 
Since the regime change operation in Pakistan in 2022, social media, according to Imran Khan his “keyboard warriers”, have played a critical role in supporting his political endeavors and in engaging the youth to bring him back to power. Despite facing opposition from both international and domestic quarters and facing multiple assassination attempts, Imran Khan has been able to maintain his political presence and continue to connect with his supporters. 
The recent crackdown on political opposition in Pakistan is not unique and has been used in other countries as well. The Arab Spring of 2011, for example, where young people used these social platforms to mobilize and voice their concerns. Similarly, the rise of Donald Trump in the United States can also be seen as a result of his ability to harness the power of social media to connect with his supporters and bypass traditional media channels. Similarly, the concept of filling the jails is not new in history, as seen in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, where Martin Luther King Jr. led a movement aimed at ending segregation and discrimination against African Americans, resulting in significant change in the country.
Over a decade in Pakistan also the digital landscape continues to shape political discourse and public opinion, the Social Media Team of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has proven to be a powerful force in the dissemination of their message and the promotion of their political vision. Furthermore, it has also helped to increase transparency in the political process. By providing a direct line of communication between the former Prime Minister and the public, social media has helped to reduce the influence of traditional media channels, which were often controlled by a small number of powerful individuals. Secondarily, it has made the political process more accountable. Despite opposition efforts to silence them, the team has leveraged to connect with their supporters and mobilize the masses. Particularly noteworthy is the team's ability to engage the youth of Pakistan, who have increasingly turned to social media as their source of information and news, making it a pivotal tool in shaping the future of the country. Its role will be crucial factor in determining the outcome of the upcoming elections as it’s the new battleground for political influence. 
In today's Pakistan, true freedom is not yet a reality for all its citizens and it is not something that can be granted to us by one person only, it must be earned and claimed through the collective efforts of all citizens. By standing up for their rights, participating in the process, and holding their leaders accountable, the people of Pakistan can create a more just and equitable society and bring true freedom closer to reality. The country has a rich history of struggle and resistance, and the perseverance and determination of its people have always been a source of inspiration for others. By continuing to fight for their rights and demanding accountability from their leaders, the people of Pakistan can create a brighter future for themselves and for generations to come. 

Imran Khan on the other hand, is determined and his announcement in response to the government's tactics is a reminder of the importance of free and fair elections as soon as possible to stabilize Pakistan. Jail Bharo Tehreek, in his words is 'We will not rest until we have brought about the change that our people deserve. We will fight against injustice and for true freedom, no matter what it takes.'- Imran Khan.  

As Huey P. Newton said "You can jail a revolutionary, but you can't jail a revolution."  

Come on Pakistan! Our future depends on it…and the world is also watching..

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