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It’s Payback time! Rise for the nation!



Sunday, April the 29th is fast approaching. The vast hallowed turfs of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore, are all set to house the biggest rally of in the country’s history, as PTI flexes its muscles in launching its campaign for the General Elections. A nation formed on the ideology of merit and tolerance, of economic and social well-being and prosperity, calls out all of us to contribute to the defining moments of achieving the ideological promise.


It’s payback time – to repay the nation that has given us everything we cherish – our strong cultural roots, heritage, and collective identity. For decades, however, our sweet nation has been ravaged with impunity by the brand of decadent politics, as sheer corrupt businessmen masquerading as politicians have held sway. All is set to change though, with the immense rise of a truly revolutionary political phenomenon, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, which is decisively braced now to assume federal power through a relentless surge. We owe it to the nation to support its rebuilding, social and economic turnaround through PTI.


It’s payback time – for the cause of millions of starry-eyed kids who look up to us to provide for them a better future - a future where education, health, law and order mechanisms and systems would be equal for all, where merit would prosper. They deserve a future where the country accords them rightful opportunities to enable them to shape their lives adequately.


It’s payback time – to knock the final nails in the political coffins of PMLN, PPP, ANP, JUIF, MQM etc. for all the horrid political governance crimes they have inflicted on Pakistan.


It’s payback time, to demonstrate full support and zeal for the great man who envisioned and is now on the cusp of achieving the grand prize for the nation. Yes, Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan is on the horizon with a majority of neutral political pundits calling it the Government in waiting. Let’s rise on April 29th to show our dedication to Naya Pakistan, and our gratitude to Imran Khan for his unparalleled services to us. He has shunned a life of ultra-luxury, even his family, once he realized what wonders his commitment to the political cause can do for the people of Pakistan. We owe it to him now to strengthen his hands and cause the economic and social miracle Pakistan deserves.


So, be there on April 29th, and then we can proudly claim to the coming generations that we were there when the decisive election campaign for Naya Pakistan was launched.


Let’s greet the dawn of a prosperous and wonderful Pakistan!