It is achievable - Insaf Blog by Tariq J Qureshi | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


These days Asad Umar’s speech is being discussed, and reality is it is possible. Yes million jobs can be made possible  by creating  new brain intensive industries that do not exist in Pakistan. 

Here is my proposal:

One way to serve the nation is by adopting one action for dual objectives. 

One is national development by reintegration of all youth to become responsible citizens through military training.  

Second is by delivering blue color education to develop trained workforce for future industries. 

Compulsory military plus blue-collar  training will be 12 months program. We can acheive trained workforce. Program will be for all students not planning to go to College.

1. Madrassas will be included in program, and it will be mandatory for them to  give same matric education and certification as other schools to become a part of program. 

2. First 180 days will be military training. Many from the cadre will be inducted in military, police and paramilitary after training. Every person will be trained in one particular military arm function in infantry, armor, Arty, ASC, Ordinance, AMC, Engrs, EME, and Signals to become reserve force. 

3. Second 180 days, will be hands-on trained to become blue collar workforce (technicians) in following broad future professions.

A. Wind power generation, 
B. Solar power, 
C. Electrical engines for transport and other sectors. 
D. Electrical power transmissions networks, 
E. Water purification and water reprocessing technologies.
F. Medical and Healthcare technicians, lab technicians for medical and chemical industry.
G. Dual purpose Military systems technicians
H. Heavy equipment operations and maintenance, 
J. Oil and gas industry technicians, 
K. Modern Construction technologies, 
L. Computer Diagnostic application for all above industries.  

3. All hands on training will be provided on live equipment offered by industry with trainers, and all cost incurred by them. All such companies will be offered tax write-off of two times the amount spend on training annually. 

4. All workforce thus created, will be ready for hire in new industries, that will be working in tandem and many of the students will become small business operators.

5. Most of these industries stated, cost between $100K to $10M and are labor incentive, and can be funded from domestic venture funds. 

Bottom line; Pakistan is at that stage that if you do not do it, we will sink as a productive nation.