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Covid-19 outbreak was first seen in the Wuhan city of china in December 2019. Today,  its spread can be seen in around 209 countries of the world, there has been 271000 plus mortality recorded to-date and more than 3.85 million people have been affected.

This mysterious contagion started in Pakistan from February 26th when a young boy tested positive in Karachi, soon after he returned from Iran.

Different steps have been taken across the world to control this outbreak. Despite  having insufficient resources Pakistan has taken valuable measures. For instance, special hospitals, giving material assistance to the laboratories, building up quarantine centers, and enforcing lock down to bound the spread.

It was an immense question for leadership to answer, whether two-meter separation or mass isolation will affect fewer to economic collapse? 

Even from the start there was a huge difference in point of view of Prime Minister  Imran Khan and the Sindh government on subject of lockdown. In different meetings of the national coordination committee PTI’s ministers criticized Murad Ali Shah on his policies to wrestle Covid-19. 
CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah believed, depending on his wisdom, that a strict lockdown is the only option to control this spread, but he did not foresee that a strict lockdown had it’s complications too. 

Sindh police specially in the interior Sindh was not considered while blocking roads. Patients who needed instant medical assistance would suffer a lot. In a viral video from Larkana city it can be seen how police officers humiliated a person  who was begging them to let him pass so he could take his child to the hospital which later on, in response to this video SSP Larkana Masood Ahmed Bangash apologized and reverted/suspended an inspector and a constable on duty that day. 

In another incident a 13-year-old boy died while being chased by the police, it was not sure whether virus could killed him or not but it was confirmed that the police had done it.

Making policies, especially in crucial and emergency circumstances need more wisdom, that’s what Imran Khan did, he not only just focused upon Covid-19’s prevention but also examined Pakistan’s current economic condition; how mass isolation can affect the survival of the daily wage workers in the country. Therefore he concluded that a partial lockdown should be imposed and after providing SOPs he allowed some key sectors to operate in Punjab. He also decided to open skills related businesses like, electricians, plumbers, tailors, mechanics, and barbers to work.

People of interior Sindh also want to get rid of this situation now and for their survival demand Murad Ali Shah CM Sindh to do what Imran Khan the Prime Minister has done.

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