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Imran Khan The Inspiration - Insaf Blog


In the ups and downs of life, some forces of life keep us moving, in the darkest hour of every night, there is always a candle, burning midnight oils to enlighten the darkness and prepare to welcome the glim and glow of morning, In fall, there is a nightingale who sings euphonious songs along with the mesmerizing melodious sound of falling leaves and keep on reminding the life around him that this season is a preparation for hosting new life. These are the answers to the questions people often ask me about my love, dedication, and support for Imran khan and faith in his abilities as a leader. 
 My devotion is a two-layered phenomenon; spiritual and political,   based upon the different arguments and their relation to the different aspects of life. It may not be the case with everyone but those who are spiritually minded and has an idealistically realistic approach towards life and who want their names to be written on the golden pages of history and be remembered after their death as those to whom humanity could look up in the age of turmoil and disaster. 
 First among the two layers is the spiritual one which is way stronger and bonded with the soul. Imran Khan has always been a wanderer of spirituality which, as he has mentioned in his book, has empowered him to tackle down the challenges of life and provided him with a new and different way of looking at life. I feel a spiritual connection with him because in every spell of depression, in each attack of anxiety, and in the nights of despair, I found his words and life a torch of light and beacon of hope. The way he made it back to the cricket and touched the highest skies after the worst performance in his very debut test match was always a magnet of success in my every failure. His decision to be a fast bowler even after the negative remarks and judgments of both public and experts and then proving them wrong with his unshakable determination and unbreakable confidence, was there for me to look at each time while doing something that everyone told me I would not be able to make it. The epitome of service to humanity, the class of devotedness, a medical and economical miracle, the strongest sign of common lot's faith in Imran khan, a cenotaph of his mother and a memorial of love Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital, remained unrivaled among all the charity works done so far in the country. This work of Imran khan is more than enough to draw inspiration and motivation for a life that can be spent with a purpose and end with something meaningful. 
  The second layer is made of his political career and his 22-year long struggle to get to his goal. At the start everyone laughed at him, then they ridiculed him, and at that point, they became afraid of him because he was a sportsman with nerves strong enough to withstand every kind of unwanted situation, challenge, and unfair criticism and then with a greater goal ahead of him, he left them hands in mouth and strived hard for decades to lead a movement against all the corrupt mafia of the country. Even though the politics in Pakistan were not something that a well-reputed person would have liked to enter, he entered the political scenario to serve his people and to rebuild this country on the outlines drawn by its founding fathers. His small newly born party failed to attract public votes in the first few elections but being in the team of a skipper like Imran khan, never let them lose hope. Like all other fields he was into, he changed the political climate of the country and brought it to the common light. Educating his countrymen, he weaponed them with the awareness of the fact that their votes have the power to outline a good and prosperous future for them, and that all those politicians were meant to be their servants, not masters. He broke the ice that had frozen the political thought of the common people and jeopardized their right to question the government and demand the best from them.
  His greatest achievement as a politician was that he has motivated and inspired the youth of Pakistan to took part in the politics of the country and exercise their right to elect a government that can best serve their interests. He mobilized youth to come out of the caves of idleness, holes of passivity, and channels of negativity and brought them to the bright and broad daylight of optimism, positivity, and to the hope that they can also serve the county in their capacity. Being energetic and enthusiastic by the charismatic leadership of Imran khan, the youth of the country started participating industriously in the political process of the country and challenged the status quo with their will to change the outdated and corrupt system that was nurtured in the nursery of military dictatorships. Also, the tyrannical, corrupt, and hierarchical so-called democracy of the two families started trembling, as they ruled the country for decades and kept filling their bank accounts, purchasing flats in foreign countries while the economy of the country burdened with external debts, troubled with current -account deficit, and plagued with corruption, continued to crash and bankrupt, putting at the stalk the foreign policy and international relations and reputation of the country. But now was the time to pay off the country and to return the looted wealth of the citizens of Pakistan.
  In a nutshell, Imran khan stormed a revolution in the country but a kind of unique and different revolution that was not abrupt but came through evaluation and took 22 years of intense and constant struggle. Khan aimed to bring the revolution from within and changed the thoughts and ways of thinking of the common people. People who were chained to many social maladies, exhausted from the everyday crisis, and dumbed by dictatorships and hierarchical democracies, rushed out into the streets and grounds to support the slogan of "Naya Pakistan". With the young population educated and aware of their socio-political rights and determine to discover new ways and vistas, the greater part of his work is done.