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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan was removed from power on April 10th, 2022 via a parliamentary vote of no confidence. Prior his ouster, Khan revealed that the United States had plotted a coordinated conspiracy with a miscellaneous coalition of Pakistani opposition parties to descend his government. Since his dismisal Khan has led the nation through chaos making it brave and resilient.

Since his removal Khan and the nation has locked eyes with regime change handlers with high spirits refusing to accept any sort of intervention or conspiracy. On the night of 9th April, 2022 the nation’s leader was ousted. Watching him exit with just a single diary in his hand, the conspirators thought this was the end but it was not. Actually it was the beginning of something new, a new era of resistance and defiance. Unexpectedly, the nation poured out to record its protest. People from all over the country came out on 10th April, 2022. A nationwide drive against the imported government began.

Meanwhile, Khan called countrywide protests and did Jalsas to demonstrate that Pakistan is a “Zinda Qaum”, an “alive nation”, to reject the imported government which is imposed on Pakistan. Each time he asked the nation to come out, the nation responded in style, taking their response to the streets in large scale demonstration. Wounded by the parliamentary proceeding Khan emerged as an even dangerous player.

Finally, the former Prime Minister announced the Long March, the fight for “Haqeeqi Azadi”. The people again responded enthusiastically but the imported regime resorted to fascist tactics. They unleashed the worst crackdown in decades but the nation stood unshaken. Khan decided to go back for the sake of his people but the movement strengthened as the disqualification of the sellouts was announced. By-elections were announced but the conditions were not fair.

The former Prime Minister again led a heroic campaign in all the constituencies where the by elections were to take place. As a result, a historic turn out was witnessed. All the rigging efforts were thwarted and the stolen mandate was regained but instead of accepting the defeat the disgraceful lot made cheap efforts of sticking to power. Democracy was disregarded as a minority Chief Minister was installed but the nation again refused to accept this treachery and came out to protect their mandate.

t last, on the 26th of July, despite all the efforts of spread chaos, power was ultimately returned to the legitimate stakeholders. The past four months have been a havoc for the nation yet the nation did something they had never done before. It challenged something that was unchallenged and carved history of resolution and grit. PTI regaining Punjab is just the beginning of achieving the real freedom. The struggle must continue until we gain our “Haqeeqi Azadi”.

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