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Imran Khan and the Dinosaurs of Pakistan - Insaf Blog


 65 Million Years ago Dinosaurs ruled the world. It was savage world order based on survival of the fittest.  A human could not had survived alongside Dinosaurs.

Nature had its plan and in order to make world livable for humans, dinosaurs had to go. Therefore a extinction-level event was planned by the nature. A meteor hit earth wiping out Dinosaurs to pave the way for Human beings to thrive and build a ‘Naya world’.

Thus the new world of humans was based on the ashes of Dinosaurs.

Pakistan is also laden with Dinosaurs in all segments of Society. Power corridors,   State Machinery, Halls of Justices, information industry and business world.

These dinosaurs are living in age of savagery where might is right.

But now Nature had decided that Pakistan shall rise and human beings will thrive.  So a Celestial event in the form of Imran Khan has been unleashed on the dinosaurs of Pakistan.


This is important to understand. For a new order to rise, the old has to be destroyed. The destruction is painful but necessary. This is the process we must pass through.


Many supporters of IK are getting anxious and confused. We all have been under the shade of the dinosaurs and survived through formula of survival. Now that order is being destroyed, we feel uncomfortable and out of our comfort zones.


The current phase is important since the dying dinosaurs will make one last stand to avoid annihilation. We must stand firm in the process of re alignment of Pakistan.


Not only the old order has to be destroyed, new one has to be built on the ashes. This is a chaotic stage. Remnants of old order will resist, come together and forge unholy alliances to make one last stand.


We must stand together and show unflinching support to this process. Yes there are questions need to answered, decisions introspected, and strategies reviewed but now is not the time to do that overtly.


Now is the time to show solidarity and support the nation to get through this stage. We also need to eliminate little dinosaurs in our selves.


Remember it is IK that has given hope that Pakistan can be saved. Pakistan can become beacon of hope for the humanity as envision by our founders. 


This new bold vision is an uncharted territory, a road not taken before. So all of us are in unknown waters and are learning as we paddle through.

The problem with Journalist Dinosaurs is that they have their grids which they have worked out after many years of painstaking work. Each have different grids. With the help of these grid they explain to the world what is happening.  Every body nicely placed in one of many boxes in the grid.  Every one must confirm to this grid.  And then Imran Khan Happens. Jumping from box to box, not confirming to their preset notions. He defies this grid which is almost a blasphemy to our holy gang of opinion makers. So they team up and go all out to tame this infidel and confirm to the grid or ridicule him in order to make him irrelevant. This charade is on display daily on Media.


Businessmen even those wanting change are found to be fearful and trying to cling to old order as they see their bottom lines disturbed.  Power corridors are becoming anxious and un-willing to let go of the control mechanism in place for decades. Governance machinery which had been compromised to serve old order is unable to adjust to serve their original oaths, to serve only Pakistan.


Imran Khan has bamboozled the old order with his ultra-focused stubbornness and he has paid heavy price for that.  We all need to come out of our comfort zone and be ready to face this challenge in a collective manner to rid our Pakistan from the dinosaurs.