Imported Regime: A Collective Punishment | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Collective punishment, a draconian colonial era practice, used until recently in FATA area and to some extent in many remote areas of Pakistan. This colonial era practice takes its inspiration from the European dark ages.

A ruthless king puts down a rebellion that ousted him temporarily. He then goes on to punish all the villagers who supported the rebellion. He torches their belongings and kills their young. A cruel collective punishment to ensure they never ever even think of doing it again.

There is no other explanation to what is happening in Pakistan other than it is a collective punishment for electing Imran Khan as prime minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan was an anomaly in an otherwise perfect harmony of mathematical corrupt Pakistani landscape ruled by a nexus of mafias and warlords. Therefore in order to restore the ‘harmony’ this rebellion had to be removed and villagers punished.  

The punishment is meant to be exceptionally harsh and brutal so that it is engraved in the genetics of the nation to never again think of being independent or imagine a better Pakistan or ending slavery to native henchmen and their foreign overlords.

The planners could have planted a team with a softer image. A team of technocrats. But no. The worst and most despicable team has been installed to not only physical damage the country but also cause severe mental trauma to the nation.

One would have thought that there would have been an immediate relief of some sort to boost support for the new regime. But that didn't happen.

It’s like punishing a ‘Kammi’ by marrying off his young and beautiful daughter to the most hideous person in the village. So that no one dares to challenge the ‘Sardar’ ever again.

No amount of analysis in the days leading upto VNC warranted a regime change:

  • Regional Geo politics
  • No more policy by establishment in 2017 September
  • US Afghanistan Exit
  • Pak-Russia-China nexus
  • IK lifting Pakistan image in the world
  • IK promoting and supporting China at global stage
  • US-KSA rift pushing KSA away
  • All indicators of Economy improving
    • Textile improving
    • LSM improving
    • Tax collection improving
    • Exports improving
    • Farmers getting more payments
    • IT exports improving
    • Construction improving
    • Many Pro-Poor products such as sehat card.
  • Things were stabilizing

All indicators lead to a belief that IK setup is here to stay. But then the unthinkable happened. Mir Jafar and Sadiq came out of the shadows. A wrench was thrown in the machine bringing everything to a grinding halt. And since then it seems like ‘Nahusat’ (curse) has been unleashed on Pakistan.

  • Economy has nosedived Rupee in freefall
  • Inflation has quadrupled
  • Business community confidence collapsed
  • Load shedding

The spontaneous and unprecedented outpouring of support by the people for Imran Khan, coupled with extreme resentment towards the establishment from within, ex-servicemen, general public and overseas Pakistanis, coming out in throngs against the regime change, has not deterred the planners from their plan, yet.

On the contrary the punishment continues to grow. Each day this ugly imported regime commits a new cringing and appalling act. It almost seems intentional, to maximize mental torture.

The Carnage that was witnessed on and before May 25th is revenge, pure and simple. The excessive use of police brutality where they did not spare women and children is a trademark of N league. They needed to take revenge for calling them out.

The purpose was to give a lesson to the people who dared call them ‘thieves and traitors”. Their apparent aim was to inflict such pain that would be remembered for generations to come. You can find many such examples in the sordid history of N-league.

There are also reports of punishments of various degrees being meted out to ex-servicemen who dared speak out against the regime change and questioned the decision making process of ‘The Neutrals’.

Fazal Rehman spelled out the objective couple of months ago when he was asked what’s next after VNC: ‘Khazan Jae, Bahar aye na aye’  (we only want autumn to go whether springs comes or not.  This translates to, we are only interested in the ouster of Imran Khan and don’t care what follows.)

Collective Punishment was and is the main objective.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” (Thomas Jefferson)