The IK Factor By Majid Rafiq | PTI | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

here has been a fundamental change brought in Pakistani politics due to one thing; the Imran Khan (IK) factor.
Millions of Pakistanis now believe that Pakistan can be made into a great country because of this IK Factor.
Pakistanis had given up on Pakistan and then IK brought a genuine hope of better Pakistan, a Naya Pakistan.
This hope then has translated into passion and rage.
Rage and passion often erupt against enemies of hope on battles fought daily on the new frontier of social media.
The political landscape before IK was simple, understood and explainable.
The analysts had developed grids after many years of sycophancy.
With each pundit having his own customised grid, they explained the world to a common man with a sole aim of indoctrination rather than educating.
Everything explainable was nicely placed in one of many boxes in the grid.
And then lmran Khan happened.
Jumping from box to box, not conforming to their preset notions, he exposed them like soothsayers of antiquity.
Threatened, they understandably attack IK day and night trying to cast him out.
The political ‘market’ had also been nicely divided by the parties who each had developed unique products and services for respective target group.

lmran Khan then sprouted out as a party spoiler.
IK talks about Islam, social equality, progressive development, rights of woman, youth empowerment and the rule of law.
Thus undercuts coveted hard-earned markets of every priest of democracy.
This fact alone makes him villain across the board in the political arena.
Now we see IK against the status-quo.
‘Coalition of the corrupt’ have all come together and teamed up against IK.
IK is a born leader, is stubborn to core, goes after his target with deadly focus & soldiers mindset so much so that he is criticised for ignoring other priorities.

But take the Imran Khan factor out of the equation and the landscape will be back to ‘normal’.

About the Writer::

Majid is a member CEC IPF, Head media marketing working group IPF. His education is in strategic planning & management marketing. He manages construction management company and Agri ICT company. He can be reached at [email protected]