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Praemonitus, Praemunitus, 
The original phrase was "Hope for the Best and Expect the Worst". I advocate "Expect the Worst and Hope for the Best". That is the only way will we even begin to wake up to the challenge that faces humanity in the shape of Corona Virus. What sort of toll it will take and the world that will be left behind in it's wake. In trying to follow the world media, I couldn't help but feel that the world is dealing with this problem in a very conventional reactionary manner. It is high time the world takes a more proactive approach and take the fight to the enemy. This is important because the toll in terms of lives and the impact it will have on the civilized society that we live in will leave such indelible marks that will impact our future generations, our children and grandchildren will have to navigate those uncharted waters. In the immediate present and not too distant a future will be us and our loved ones going through immense grief and sorrow on losing some family and friend. I highlight this negative mindset to sensitize one and all to the fact that what we call social distancing and lockdowns cannot go on indefinitely. It is just not possible. We must look at things in reality as how they actually are and not only for us, our person or immediate circle but those who form a majority of our population demographic. The middle class and below. Those whose survival depends on a monthly paycheck and those who depend on casual labor wages. Economic conditions in Pakistan were fragile to begin, since the advent of  the Corona Virus, everything has come to a grinding halt. This started in end January, early February. Most paychecks, despite low business activity were dispersed but as time goes on, dispersing salary checks will become harder by each passing month and those confined or restricted to their homes will start feeling the pinch and pressure to survive. In all this hooplah, the virus still continues to spread albeit in smaller numbers. Lockdown is not a long-term solution. Total eradication of the virus is downright impossible given its thus far known characteristics. The question that arises here is how long will we continue in the present pattern? 
We are hearing about infected patients recovering. We need to closely disect the recovery process to cater for those already infected so that loss of human lives is minimized. Secondly, we need to develop a medical regimen to boost up the human immunity to this particular viral strain. This is most important because even if we were to find a vaccine for this virus today, mass production to cater for global needs will take years to accomplish, not to mention the required resources involved. In the meantime, Governments must focus on boosting up the human immunity, that will not stop deaths altogether but will certainly bring the fatality numbers down and at the least allow us to go about our daily lives in some semblance of order.
Time is of the essence in all this. Inaction or delay will result in lost control and total chaos which would be hard to manage, let alone recover from.
May Allah guide us and help us through these trying times.