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Covid-19 changes the world - Insaf Blog


Corona Virus, the world is going to change from now on permanently. Here’s How…..
The prevailing crisis can reorder the societal values in many dramatic ways; it can be better or can be worse. Do you remember the past events like 9/11 or 2008 financial crisis? Events which changed the shape of the world in many ways like from travelling and buying homes to the advancement in level of surveillance or security which are as of now accustomed to and above all the language we use till date. 
For the last few weeks I have had many questions in my mind. Are we going to stay IN homes forever like this for months? Would this partial lockdown be part of our routine life? Is TOUCH going to be a TABOO from now on? Will I ever be able to take my kids to restaurants after this pandemic? 

Well on one side I see opportunity, new ways of living our lives. A sophisticated, optimum use of technology with less polarization and enjoying simple pleasures the life has to offer us. An element of uncertainty is prevailing at all times; no one knows what’s coming in, government, society, healthcare, lifestyles and above all our  economy, everything would change.

Just before EID, Pakistan had to bear a huge human loss along with an asset of our national flyer. The AIRBUS 320 flight PK8303 crashed just a couple of hundred meters from the runway in the most densely populated area of Karachi with 98 casualties and only 2 souls survived the sad horrific incident. The worst catastrophe of Pakistan International Airline since 2012, I believe no eye would be dry on the EID day while remembering this crash. May Allah have mercy on the departed souls and place them at highest level in Jannah....Ameen

Coming back to the calamities like 9/11, we discovered we are so vulnerable to the said. The financial crisis recalled the fears of Great Depression but now this Spanish 1918 flu pandemic is a sudden specter in our ongoing lives. As from now on we know touching things, breathing air in an enclosed space could be risky. This awareness of being so attentive would vary from person to person and will never vanish from now on from any one’s mind that lived this ongoing year 2020. Shaking hands or touching our faces would be recoiling second to nature, and we would find ourselves in love with washing our hands again and again. We would be more comfortable in absence of others rather than surrounded by people especially those we don’t know intimately. 

We used to ask first is there any way we can avoid the internet use or online shopping?? Now we would be asking…is there any good reason to do this in person? We may need this phrase to be reminded again and again.

COVID-19 has broken many taboos and artificial barriers bringing our lives to ONLINE status. I believe that VIRTUALITY cannot be in everything of course but now schools, colleges and universities have become Virtual. Now it’s mandatory for every educational institution to offer online education or courses to their students in every discipline. On the other hand parents are finding difficult to cope up with the so called new online education system. Not all parents are educated or well equipped with laptops or hi tech IT products at home. For many students after this pandemic it will be difficult returning to an expensive campus of their respective college or universities for long time. This virus has made the heads of educational institutions to think out of the box and try to find new innovative ways of teaching and managing the students. Same case goes for companies in the corporate and manufacturing sector. They are also finding difficult to cope up with the online systems and work from home syndrome. Companies are now finding new cheaper ways to get the work done from their employees while sitting at home. In short there is a big PARADIGM shift in the world towards New World Order (NWO).

Can you shoot this virus?? Yes ‘Or’ No. The frontline fighters against coronavirus aren’t mercenaries, conscripts or enlisted men; they are our Doctors, Nurses, Paramedic staff, Pharmacists, Teachers, Utility store workers, business (small) owners and employees. We should recognize their sacrifices as true patriotism, saluting our doctors and nurses by saying “THANK YOU for YOUR SERVICE”, the same way we do for our military veterans. We would be building statues for this new class of people, sacrificing their lives for us. Patriotism will be redefined as cultivating the health and life of our people rather than destroying some one else's community. May be the world would go towards de-militarizing after this pandemic ends. 

“COMMON Enemy” is a new tag line which is introduced to the people of the world, facing this threat together forgetting all the differences they had in the past.  Covid-19 has presented us with a common enemy that does not distinguish between color, creed and religion but rather it has helped us get on one page, a singularity of purpose to reset and regroup ourselves. Societal shocks help us break different things making them worse or better for us. But talking as of today, I think it’s the right time to make constructive breakthrough in our political and cultural fronts. It’s time to change now if you want to fight this pandemic.

Ramadan and Eid has just passed few weeks back, this virus has given a new definition to celebration and offering prayers in the holy month. Not only Muslims but all faiths in the world have dealt with the challenge, keeping their faith alive in these adverse conditions. 

My first-hand experience with regards to my faith or religion Islam in the time of quarantine is so challenging. Many myths and questions have been cleared to me in this time of diaspora which I had been carrying since my childhood. I got ample time due to lock down, to get into details of all the questions which had always intrigued different dimensions of Islam. Hence I think staying home has brought me very near to Allah Almighty and I believe it would be same for others also.

One better thing of corona virus is that it has brought families together; it had virtually filled the gap between millions of people. Children going off from schools, colleges and universities have brought them close to their loved ones. Covid-19 has slowed down the pace of the daily activities done by the individuals. It has given a chance to understand each other, I have come to know from my friends and families that many family disputes have been resolved in this chronic time of despair hence bringing joy to them and giving opportunity to sit together happily. 

Now with the tally of 105,640 corona affected patients in Pakistan, Sindh and Punjab being the worst hit having more than 39K cases, the coming days after EID would be the toughest one to fight. I wonder why people are not taking this pandemic seriously. My opinion is that Government should now enforce a curfew. This time the intensity of the lockdown should be stronger than before. A hat off to the law enforcement personnel’s which include POLICE, TRAFFIC WARDENS who had been fighting this pandemic as our frontline force saving our lives from this virus. We have to listen, them and follow their instructions. 73% of the people affected are above age 50. We should appeal them to stay home. We don’t need to go out until it’s too urgent. Social distancing has to be made mandatory by imposing fines; I will even go to the extent by recommending, putting them in jail who doesn’t abide the instructions. Nobody is above LAW. This is the only way to fight Covid-19.
In the end, coronavirus crisis will pass, but I believe our lives would not be NORMAL again in coming years.