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I am a student at KU Leuven, one of the toughest universities in Central Europe and exams are nearing, only one month left. Most of the students are busy studying and I can not stop myself from writing this blog post.

On 30th April 2018, I took out some time to watch Imran Khan’s speech online, It was so mesmerizing for me to see my leader talking and giving his manifesto for the upcoming elections. It was not an ordinary IK speech, I got the feeling that he is getting some things right at last.

I have been supporting him since last 3 years after resigning from Rukniat of Islami Jamiat Talaba. In these 3 years, his politics was revolving against Nawaz Shareef and he was not going to get to where he is now if Panama wouldn’t have happened. He cashed this opportunity and now it seems that he is moving on from Nawaz Shareef, though he still has a major threat from PML-N in Punjab, the way he presented his manifesto for election clearly gave the signal that he is up to something that may change the course of our country.


Among 11 points given by Imran Khan one is about Environmental Emergency, this got me thinking about why other politicians are not talking about this as this is one of the major issues that we are facing and our generations are going to face, only Imran Khan is the person who is aware of this problem among our political mainstream. This issue, if not taken into account can destroy the future of our generations. I am a student of Energy for Smart Cities at EIT InnoEnergy and I understand the problems that we are going to face in near future if it is not given prior attention. If a leader can foresee such problems I would definitely vote for him. No matter what his team is, the whole team cannot be perfect, and sometimes the only thing needed by a weak team is a strong leader.


I personally believe this is a good kickstart for his election campaign and I am looking forward to him in the upcoming elections. If Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister after this election I will probably consider coming back to Pakistan after completing my studies and serve my country. I believe in working for my country before my self but under these current corrupt politicians, I see no point in that. I pray to Allah that He gives enough wisdom to the people of Pakistan that they see this window of opportunity in front of them and take decisions which could not only change the destiny of our country but also the future generations.

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