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The Changing Dynamics of Pakistan - Insaf Blog


After the series of the most corrupt governments, it’s a breath of fresh air to finally break off from the legacy of corruption and have a leader who is focusing on directing the resources to uplift below average segment of our society. Health cards, subsidized housing, complaint centers etc., despite the pandemic crisis, is nothing but an insight into PTI's pronunciamento.
Following are some of the highlights of the initiatives and achievements of PTI government and the vision Imran Khan had shared when he took over. The public welfare measures taken has no parallels in the past and truly reflect the manifesto of a leader, who is truly sincere to his nation.
Let’s look at the following list, which shouldn’t be considered exhaustive by any means.

1. Pakistan's economic growth rate of 3.94% enraged the opposition, especially when moody, an independent non-governmental organization reported Pakistan’s estimated economic growth rate to be at 4%.
2.  Many bumper crops have been grown in Pakistan, including wheat, sugar cane, rice, oranges and pulses. Ten million bales of cotton are likely to be produced, an outcome of giving subsidies to the farmers. It is estimated that after the harvest of the crops, Pakistan's growth rate will increase by 1.5%. This time around, the farmers not only got 3 times more but also timely wages. They showed their gratitude through video messages to Imran Khan.
3. The High Court of Justice in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has ruled in favor of PIA, awarding them back its two assets — Roosevelt Hotel in New York and Scribe Hotel in Central Paris worth 460 Billion rupees— retracting its earlier decision and ordering Tethyan Copper Company (TCC) to pay for all the incurred charges. Just for the record, in 2017 noon league was ready to sell it to settle the outstanding charges against PIA.
5. In Karachi nuclear power plant has been completed and 1100 MW of power has been added to the national grid. This year people will not die of heat, though the criticism of the opposition continues.
6. Pakistan is all set to introduce homemade PakVac covid vaccine and has joined the league of few vaccine producing countries after masks and vents, squashing fear of Bill Gates, controversial vaccines.
7. Stock exchange has broken all the records by trading two billion shares in a single day.
8. This year Pakistan's development in the   industrial sector went up by 9%, construction 8%, agriculture 2.8%, and services sector accounted for 4.4%.
9. On the issue of Palestine, Pakistan's diplomatic efforts were successful on all the international platforms, including the United Nations. Pakistan and Turkey were at the forefront to highlight the Palestinian issue, all over the world. Palestinians were profoundly grateful.
10. Russia has announced the construction of 1122 km long North South Gas Pipeline from Kasur to Port Qasim. Pakistan would reap the major profits of 74% while 24% of its profit would go to Russia. This will be the gateway for more Russian investment in Pakistan.
11. It was decided to raise 500 million through WAPDA Green Bond but in the international market, the bid went up to 1.8 billion or $1800 million dollars. In other words, it reflected the confidence of the world market in Pakistani bonds.
12. For the first time in Pakistan's history, Facebook has decided to roll out and install its fiber optics for 1.5 crore users in 8 cities of Pakistan.
13. Pakistan's IT exports have reached 1.7 billion, and likely to cross 2 2 billion soon.
14. The Prime Minister of Pakistan was elected to chair the World Environment Conference
15. The NAB collected Rs 16 billion in the last 18 years and an amount Rs 162 billion in just the last two years, during IK’s not tenure, from the looters and deposited it in the national treasury.
16. In Pakistan the per capita income has gone up from $1361 to $1543, an increase of 13%.
17. Mohmand dam is in the last stages of completion, while the other 10 dams are also being completed in record time.
18. Nawaz Sharif's land worth Rs 10 crore auctioned in Sheikhupura This is probably the first recovery from this rogue family.
19. Government land with an estimated worth of 10 crores rupees was recovered from the possession of Javed Hashmi.
20. Automobile companies allowed to set up production plants in Pakistan.  
21. 18 mobile companies allowed to manufacture mobile phones.
22. Decision at the PM’s order to launch Ranger’s operation against Lali gang in DG Khan and dacoits in Kutchi areas. 

23. For defrauding Baluchis Mushtaq Raisani sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and confiscation of all property.  And Former finance adviser Mir Khalid Langu sentenced to 26 months in prison.  
24. Record increase in the salaries of the government servants.
25- This year, no new taxes in the budget and no hikes in the electricity tariff rates. 
25. After KPK and Baluchistan, it has been decided to provide free private treatment in Dera Ghazi Khan and Sahiwal divisions of Punjab. The ID card entitles people for a free treatment of up to Rs. 720,000 from any private hospital, all covered by the government.

Note ... Have you heard any of these news from Hamid Mir, Saleem Safi, Najam Sethi or other similar mentally ill journalists??? Probably Not!

Imran Khan and his government has the right intentions and is heading in the right direction.  Although there is a persisting inflation issue blamed on the depreciation of the rupee but when PTI took over, there was pressure on the rupee and the previous government had artificially kept the rupee high. The fall in the rupee obviously led to prices of commodities go up, however the PTI government is trying to bridge the gap between imports and exports and through balancing the deficit, setting Pakistan on the right path.