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Bold Decision By PM Imran Khan


There is a national consensus that the state of Pakistan is being held hostage by the Mafia. In the history of Pakistan, whenever a ruler laid his hands on the Mafia, he himself had to become a warning sign.
Demonstrating moral courage, Prime Minister Imran Khan has published an inquiry report on flour and sugar. Including the names of influential people - Certainly this is the first instance where a ruler inquired into corruption hoarding and irregularities and then published a report while Pakistan's history testifies that investigative reports are always suppressed. The contents of the report suggest that the government has given full independence to state institutions and is not interfering in any way - which is why the report prepared by the FIA, in addition to the federal and provincial ministers The name of Jahangir Tareen, the right hand man of Pakistan, is also included. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was based on accountability and justice.The Prime Minister of Pakistan's faith in accountability and justice has not wavered and despite the difficulties, he sincerely wants the looters to be made a role model so that no future big man will dare to plunder the pockets of the people.
The construction sector is of central importance in running and advancing any state. If the construction sector suffers from stagnation, the growth of the state stops - which leads to increase in unemployment.Realizing this, the present government has announced incentives for the construction sector, which has raised hopes that development projects will start in Pakistan and as a result, millions of people will be able to find employment.Among the concessions announced by the government for the construction sector, holding tax has been abolished - fixed tax has been introduced - sales tax has been reduced to 2% - capital gains tax has been abolished - construction sector Industry status has been given.
The virus has put pressure on the economy. Government measures will allow the state of Pakistan to get out of this pressure. There is a national consensus on incentives for the construction sector.
With the bold decisions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan has now entered a new phase.
In the long war on terror, Pakistan lost 80,000 lives and lost 150 billion.Finally, Pakistan's civil and military leadership decided in consultation that Pakistan would not engage in any future civil war or allow its territory to be used against others.Pakistan is cooperating with the United States to some extent to complete the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan - the US President has begun to put pressure on Pakistan that it needs bases on Pakistani soil so that it can Could conduct military operations inside.The US President has started putting pressure on Pakistan that it needs bases on Pakistani soil so that it can conduct military operations inside Afghanistan when needed.This US demand is completely contrary to Pakistan's new foreign and national security policy.
It is very gratifying that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has refused to come under pressure in this regard and has made it clear to the United States that Pakistan has already suffered irreparable loss of life and property and now he Under no circumstances can terrorism be tolerated again.
Pakistan people believe that Imran Khan will not come under any pressure and will defend the interests of Pakistan like a brave and visionary leader.
Imran Khan has rightly raised the question of how the US and NATO forces can win the war by establishing bases on foreign soil if they cannot win the war despite fighting for 20 years while maintaining their bases inside Afghanistan.He said that Pakistan and the United States have a clear position that for the peace and development of Afghanistan, all stakeholders of Afghanistan should work together to form the government of Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan should be given the right to choose their representative government.
Demonstrating patriotism and national dignity, Imran Khan refused to meet the US CIA chief.
The Prime Minister has decided to take a vote of confidence on moral grounds, it was not required legally, Imran Khan has made a bold decision.
Prime Minster Imran Khan now famous in Pakistan for taking bold Steps no matter who is in front .PMIK never compromise on Corruption , inhumanity , and other matters that destabilize Pakistan and Pakistanis Nation .
 PMIK is the only PM in Pakistan history who can do anything for Pakistan without considering his personal interest.