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Chaiwalas are the new trend. While Pakistani Chaiwala are stealing hearts on both sides of the border and sending a message of peace, Indian Chaiwalas are busy planning the next election strategy - inside the Prime Minister House.

Elections are barely a month away in world's largest democracy (by quantity), but the creative tactics used by Hindutva supporters are the lowest in terms of quality. Murder, victimization and harassment of minorities is nothing new to India. A society built upon the poisonous beliefs of caste can only sustain itself based on hate. Earlier it was Pandits against Dalits. Now it is Hindus against Muslims. Later it would be Christians, Jews and God knows who else.

The world has quietly watched how Muslims were butchered, mob attacked and lynched in public spaces of India based on a mere Whatsapp message. The world stood silent when India responded with blinding rubber bullets against small stones in Kashmir. The world is now turning a blind eye while India is unjustly accusing Pakistan of plotting an attack on its army officers. Sorry, but if you can't even protect your own army then... Okay!

But why is the world not speaking up? Is it because of the cheap IT support or lack of care for human rights violations in South Asia?

Some things are better left unsaid, but one thing must be reminded. Pakistan is now a changed country. A country where the Prime Minister does not believe in holding notecards. A country where the Prime Minister knows how to strategize, build teams and deliver. The civilian institutions and military are on the same page - the page that talks about Pakistan's bright future! Pakistan is focusing on economy and development of its people, it would be best if India does so too.

Narendra Modi should find another pot to brew his tea. Killing Indian soldiers to incite emotions is not going to benefit BJP in the next elections.

Perhaps Khan was right, a small man is occupying a big position. As they say "baray mulk ka chhota wazeer-e-azam".